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16807 Absent Confession
File:16807 Absent Confesion.JPG
Physical description

Male Voice


Monitor of Installation 06

Normal color


  • Purple (Normal)
  • Red (Angered)
Political information and functions


Primary function

Contain and Study the Flood


"Please Reclaimer! There will be no more stalling, insert the Index into the core... or I will have to apply force!"
―16807 Absent Confession


The Know-it-all Monitor of Installation 06, Absent Confession will stop at nothing to "Repair" the Forerunner's "Mistakes". Instead of containing the Flood on his Installation, Confession destroyed half of the species' population on the Halo with his sentinals. Unfortunantly, the rest broke free and are now starting to infect 1/8th of the ring's structure. At last the UNSC Jackhammer exited slip-space above the ring, and Confession met SPARTAN-F106. Unfortunantly for Confession, Jason had heard what the rings would do if fired and refused to activate Halo. The Jackhammer and it's crew took off after repairs were made soon after. The Monitor was boardering on the edge of Rampancy when Jason wouldn't do what Confession requested.

File:16807 vs Spartan 106.jpg

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