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Assault Carbine-33 Short Range Weapon System
Production information


Technical specifications

shorter than an Assault Rifle

Damage Per Hit

Shielded enemies: Low Armoured enemies: Medium Unarmoured enemies: High

Magazine Size

70 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

420 rounds (6 magazines)

Ammunition Type

8.6x35mm Armour-piercing

Rate of Fire

900 rounds per minute

Muzzle Velocity



Perfect below 300m


Maximum 300m


Human-Covenant War


The AC33-SRWS (Assault Carbine Short Range Weapon System) was a carbine designed and used by the UNSC during the Human-Covenant War.


The AC33 was designed to fill the role of a carbine; a powerful, lightweight and small weapon for use in close quarters, such as tight urban environments or for use of vehicle crews. It used armour-piercing rounds to guarantee kills in close-range battles where clear shots at targets were brief. It was perfectly accurate up to around 300m due to its reasonably long barrel. Beyond 300m it was not nearly as effective. It was a lightweight, durable and small weapon, constructed of lighweight polymers and composite materials, and it was shorter than an assault rifle. It had a large magazine size which enabled its very useful rapid-fire abilities. It was similar to the BR55 Battle Rifle, except without the scope which wwas unnecessary. Instead of this aiming was restricted to ironsights, two on the front of the gun and one at the rear. It was also similar to the MA5C Asault Rifle, indeed sharing some components, in particular its forward structure, barrel and torch.


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