This article, Acheron System, was written by Athena32. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Acheron System was a small star system held by The Royal Allegiance.

As a rather remote system, it received a very low amount of visitors and a lack of transiting vessels. However, in 2572 it was discovered that the system lay on a sort of subspace 'rift' allowing for communications and data transfer almost instantaneously, as the subspace tranceiver network that allowed a similar capability was not introduced until 2696. The result of the network was to establish the system's second planet from the star, Acheron, as a wealthy administrative, cosmopolitan world with rapid urbanisation and population explosion. Within two decades the planet's population had quadrupled and its interstellar visitors had more than doubled. The system featured seven mineral-poor planets offering no other aspects to the system's development, however several large civilian and military stations were set up throughout the system to take advantage of its growing visitors and terrestrial population.

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