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Biographical information
Began service

Before 2550

Physical description

Female programming


Tall and slender with long hair

Normal color
  • Normal: Blue/Green
Political information and functions


Primary function

Infiltration of Covenant Technologies


"It was the admiral's fault! I wanted to make you strong, keep you safe. But all I could do... was watch your pain...I-I'm sorry." - Amee

Amee, UNSC AI number 0965-8, is an Artificial Intelligence construct.


Amee is a smart AI, meaning she has the ability to perform processes at blinding speed like a normal AI, but also making her capable of assuming a personality akin to a human civilian. She is a "smart" artificial intelligence, but the drawback is she will over think herself to death once her seven years are up. She is the artificial intelligence on the UNSC Nova Celestia.

Amee has no physical body, but she can communicate through comm systems and project a holographic image of herself from appropriate projectors, such as Holotanks. Her chosen avatar is that of a female human with blue skin, short hair, and green symbols scrolling down her body. She has longer hair, a more realistic figure, making her more human, a more feminine figure, and a slightly different shade of purple.

Amee can be transferred among various computer systems. Amee was designed to infiltrate computer systems and she is very good at that task. She has become so intelligent that she understands Covenant technology more than it's makers. So far, she has not encountered a security program she was not able to defeat. In addition, she is proficient with UNSC military hardware and can run military ships or stations by herself. Indeed, the UNSC's primary use of AIs is to oversee targeting of point-defense weaponry used in space battles. For Amee, this is merely an additional capability.

Amee was actually created as a replica of Cortana. A side effect of her origins is that she is said to resemble Cortana physically, with a similar attitude ‘only unchecked by military and social protocol’. Amee's primary mission was to assist Cpt. Alexandria in her mission to capture a Covenant Prophet and return him to Dalanar for interrogation.

Amee has a smart, curious personality. She has hardwired loyalty to humanity and the UNSC but seems to be genuinely loyal in any case. Her current loyalty is somewhat in question, however.

Amee was made to be the flash tactics for Alexandria during combat instances. She frequently jokes about having a curiosity for Alexandria, and it is often implied that the two humans have developed some form of attachment.

Amee has a very curious nature about her. One that could get her in serious trouble. She has many time hacked into UNSC and ONI data streams, and stealing top secret files for personal purposes.

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