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Ashanna was once a human female, one who once fought for the balance of justice in the unified systems.

The MaidenEdit

Ashanna was once Ashanna De'Lores, Maiden of Mars. Her entire life was devoted to the justices of the human race. From the age of four, Ashanna had shown interest in the justices humans had used over the centuries. She read every book on justice until she was eighteen years of age, and enrolled in a university of law. After years of training, she had become a lawyer defending hundreds across colony space. Her victories due to unwavering devotion made her well known, some even calling her the Maiden.

The AngelEdit

After the discovery of the covenant and ultimately the war that was begun with them forced Ashanna to join the UNSC as a nurse in training. Through vigorous training and studying Ashanna surpassed the nurses and became a full fledged front line doctor. At many engagements, Ashanna had saved hundreds of marine lives, patching up one after another, faster than most other doctors. It was not long until she had been given a new title. That of the Angel. Though her achievements as a doctor were spread far slower than when she was a lawyer, she was gaining renown.

The GoddessEdit

On October 17th, 2532 Ashanna was killed by a plasma mortar from a wraith pushing its way into UNSC lines. She died by drawing the wraith away from the wounded just on the other side of a hill. The fury of the marines after her death caused the covenant forces on the planet to fall back further than their deployment zone and were ultimately defeated. A massive ceremony was held for Ashanna in which marines carved Goddess of the Stars on her headstone. Every marine that passed acknowledged her as a goddess and soon enough her name was spread across the systems.

Some marines say that her spirit slows plasma mortars while they are in the air so that the marines can escape death. Though this is only a myth, it gives the marines of the UNSC a sense of security when facing a wraith tank.