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The Super-continent of Dalanar, Astran is a giant amongst the known landmasses of habitable planets. It covers more than ninety seven percent of Dalanar's surface area. Although there are no volcanic structuring or tremors visible on Astrans surface, scans indicate possible volcanic presence beneath it and around it.


Western Ridge

  • Alchron Flatlands
    • Okra Miniad
  • Icre
    • Channelwood City
      • Beluve Square
      • Ellidon Court
      • Hillforge Market
      • Dal Farms
  • Nixzuu Trench
  • Tanrek
    • Umen City
    • Korlon City
    • Marthor Villa
    • Rouge City
  • Jinzu
  • Ulros

Adimyu Swamps

  • Hitrun Grove
    • Borderland City
    • Lost Cambridge Outpost
  • Mirmoor swamp
  • Junrou bog

The Fjord

  • Ikron Plates
  • Glacier Valley
    • Corlon Base Alpha
    • Corlon Base Beta (Abandoned)
    • Corlon Fortress

Moonraker Canyon

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