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Crolun Incident


Second Battle of Chiaras

Battle of Chiaras

Swarm War


2nd May 2733


Chiaras, Nox System


Allegiance Victory


The Royal Allegiance

The Swarm


Admiral Evan Sanders



14th Fleet, Taskforces Alpha-Epsilon, (excluding Taskforce Gamma) (128 Battlegroups)



  • Taskforce Beta
  • Taskforce Delta
  • Half of Taskforce Alpha
  • One third of Taskforce Epsilon
  • Majority of Starfighters



The Battle of Chiaras was an invasion by The Royal Allegiance of the Swarm world Chiaras.

The battle was so large that manoeuvres and proper tactics went out the window. The battle was relatively even until the one Swarm Hive Ship was destroyed by a crippled Apollo-class Frigate ploughing into its side. After this the Swarm fleet seemed to lack cohesion, though their colossal numbers still presented the Allegiance with a major challenge. The battle lasted for three days and after the smoke and debris had cleared, the Allegiance were victorious. The five Taskforces made up one quarter of 14th Fleet- the Taskforces sustained over 70% casualties.

The planet was bombarded into ruin from orbit by the surviving ships, destroying numerous Swarm hive colonies on the ground.

Aftermath Edit

Following this battle, an additional Taskforce from 3rd Sector Fleet, 11th Fleet, arrived to reinforce the newly conquered planet. The HMS Marchestra also arrived in the system a few days later, but it left shortly after to assist the UNSC at the Battle of Jana.

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