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Sic Semper Tyrranis !

A Burran High Priest, with ceremonial clothing and stave.

Biological information


Physical description

9 feet (average), 6 feet (abnormal)


420 lbs

Skin color

Dark brown/Pale tan


Scaly skin, deep voices, extreme strength

Military and Political information

Human-like sentience, advanced sight and smell.


New Liberty Republic

Notable Individuals

High Priest Herra

Other Names

Lizards, Cavemen, Scales



The Burran's evolved around the same time humanity did, however on a starkly different path than our own. As we evolved from small mammalian creatures, they evolved from small lizard-like animals. As the firing on the Halo Array drew near they were sheltered on the Ark along with most other species, and brought back. But one of them kept a small data chip from a broken Constructor. When tampering with it the beam shot into his eye, and he became fanatical, having visions of the Forerunner yet not being able to interpret them properly. As time passed on his descendants started a religion called Technon, drawing many followers named Technonites. Those who didn't believe remained with the old kingdom, being the Compatriots. The two sides remained at peace as Burrow was split in two, until finally escalating into full scale war between the cave civilizations. In the end the more advanced Technonites overwhelmed the Compatriots and took hold of the many cave cities, before entering a Golden Era of peace despite the war between humanity and the Covenant. As the Human-Covenant War was ending around them, and New Liberty began to colonize nearby worlds, the Burran's fell under the control of the Libertarians. The peaceful unification had many benefits for both races, and in the end the unity has remained strong.


The Burran's traditional tribal culture was supplanted by Technon influence, which was to worship technology as it was what once saved their race. As the main religion of the race upon to discovery that it was true, most modern Burran's live under human influence and continue life amongst them, working hard and being treated equally.


Although the races military is integrated into the Republics, it also has a planetary defense force composed of 3 powerful Burran dreadnoughts and on the ground over 8 million troops. The Burran's native gauss-enhanced weaponry is slightly more efficient than standard human weaponry, and thus is used widely amongst the Libertarian army as well.

List of WeaponryEdit


Burran Civilians

Burran merchants on Greenhaven, shortly after the Crisis there.

Burran Elder

A Burran Elder, aged 302. At such a fragile age this particular individual must wear a breathing apparatus on a daily basis.

Burran Dreadnoughts

Burran Dreadnoughts defending the planet. The only 3 in existence.


  • The pic used is some sort of Star Wars species, and was starkly different to what I have made the Burran's in to.

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