This article, Camera Feed 1, was written by EliteMaster117. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


//PDriver//Target, what's your status, over?.
//TARGET//Proceeding to supermarket 13 clicks away! Under heavy fire, three wounded, over!
//PDriver//Negative, negative Target. Turn right at next intersection, head to the roof of banking building! Will meet you there!
//TARGET//Copy that, heading east to building!
//PDriver//Warning! Warning! Tanks are danger close, converging on your position, Target!
//TARGET//Copy that! Taking cover!
//PDriver//Get out of there, Target! Three banshees escorting one Phantom to your position!
//Target//Copy that, but where in the hell do I go!?
//PDriver//Your surrounded! You won't make it to the supermarket!
//Target// I'll make it! Just a few more steps...
//PDriver//I'm almost there, Target! Get to the rooftop!
//Target// Copy that........... WHOA! Covenant Cruiser just jumped right into the city! Two more! Their gonna glass their own troops, and us too! Get out of here! The UNSC needs every pilot it can get! Leave me behind! Do it!
//PDriver//And it needs every soldier, it can get! The rest of your squad is dead, and your not! Lets keep it that way!
//Target//What's your ETA, I've made it!
//PDriver//I'm almost there, Target! Get to the rooftop!
//PDriver//I'm here! I see you in the distance! Pick up the! Oh shit! Covenant! Damn it! I'm hit!

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