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"Don't question how I operate. I kill, and I kill with style. Got any problems and you can find a new sharpshooter."
―Carlos Damm

Carlos Damm is an ONI Operative, known for his work in GHOST Team. He served as the sniper/ recon specialist for GHOST, and was the final member to be picked for the team. Carlos is one of the UNSCs best non-SPARTAN snipers, he saved hundreds of lives on Cydonia, due to his immense skill with the sniper. However, his achievements went unnoticed due to the very recent announcement of the SPARTAN-II program. Feeling robbed of his glory, Carlos grew a heavy resentment towards the SPARTAN Project. However, this hatred, inspired him to better himself, so he could achieve the glory he had lost.

Carlos Damm
Carlos Robert Damm
Biographical information


Date of birth


Physical description






  • RAR-101 ICWS, Stealth Variant
  • M7S, Caseless Sub-Machine Gun
  • SRS-99D S2-AM
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color



Neural Implants

Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

Notable Facts

Sniper for GHOST Team


United Nations Space Command, GHOST Team


Early LifeEdit

"Most people in Bogota didn't see themselves as citizens of Earth, but more of Colombia I am no different"

Carlos was born in the city of Bogota, in the former country of Colombia. His mother and father, gave him a good, but sheltered life. Being in the upper echelon of the middle class, Carlos saw the good side of life in Bogota, and saw little of the bad. He went to a private school in a large forest reserve about 20 miles passed the city limits. It was here, where he joined the shooting team, and took the first step to fulfilling his destiny as GHOST Team's Sniper.

Military CareerEdit

"I made mountains of Credits by selling cigarettes and holo-vids in BT...heh even got my PT test scores "adjusted" cuz I was pals with my DI. Good times."

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