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Swarm Clacker
A Swarm Clacker attacking.
Biological information


Physical description

2 feet


78 lbs

Skin color

Greyish black


Many legs and large maw of a mouth

Military and Political information



One for each biome


The Swarm

Notable Individuals

Fought in packs of up to 30,000 during the assault on Thera.

Other Names

Clacker's, Spider-Wolves, AWW SNAP WHAT IS THAT !



Clackers are small and agile insect-like creatures, about the size of a child and acting in a ground support role for Drones. With vicious claws and terrific bite, Clackers are so named for the chomping noise of their pinchers and the horrible crunch enemies make when they are torn limb from limb.


Acting in a role similar to Grunts within the Swarm collective, Clackers can man weaponry and drive small vehicles, but are still subjugate to all other races of the Swarm except the Hivelings.


Security Clackers prowl around Swarm hives and armies, defending against any attackers in mass group assaults, and using the basic issue Swarm pistol.


Soldier Clackers are born with higher amounts of testosterone and growth hormone, becoming twice the size of a regular and becoming extremely poisonous, their bites akin to a Komodo dragons. Being able to take more damage and dish out 4 times as more, they can man heavy weapons and drive specially made vehicles. A fight with a Soldier Clacker is something you'll never forget, if you live to remember it.

Swarm Horror


Soldier Clackers are sometimes pulled off for the role as a heavy, better understood as a Clacker with a machine gun turret on its back, ridden by 2 Drones. One to steer, and one to gun down anyone that gets close. The fact its on a Clacker makes it 4 times as deadly.


Mount Clackers are ridden by other races, be they Drones or other Clackers, and are used similar to horses, racing across the battlefield with back up from above and cutting through any enemies. These are the best used units when a Swarm position is in need of rapid reinforcement. The fact that any Soldier Clacker can be ridden also makes this one of the most common, and they are rarely seen without at least one other Swarm type onboard.

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