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Exploration of Space
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Cosmic Gate

An ancient race from Andromeda, now extinct, held the belief that an event of cataclysmic proportion would befall the galaxy. An event that would spell the ultimate fate of a single race. This belief became widely known throughout the different races. It became common knowledge that this “singular” race was to be doomed. The belief soon developed into a prophecy with so many preaching it. Generations after generations developed this Prophecy, some placing it into their culture as a race.

All believed that the event was going to happen soon. However, thousands of years had passed and no sign of this cataclysm ever surfaced. The prophecy slowly turned into legend, and then into myth. Little by little cultures stopped believing. After six million years, the event could only be found in ancient tablets; most of which were broken or worn with time. To the ancients who first held this belief, they called the event: The Cosmic Gate.

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