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Eve Staleko
Amalgam in combat armor NEW
Eve in specialized commando armor.
Vital statistics
Title Commander Eve Staleko
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction UNSC
Health Alot
Level 24
Status Combating URF remnants in the Outer Colonies
Location UNSC Have Blue


Human-Covenant WarEdit

Born in 2530, Eve Staleko was born to an impoverished family on Eridanus II. She was in the same school as John-117 (although she didnt know him), and excelled at everything, from academics to athletics. At the age of 16 she gradutaed from school and joined FLEETCOM, where she then ranked up to ship comander. She was put in charge of the UNSC Have Blue, a Marathon-class Cruiser, which was sent to defend any outposts on Luna. During the 2nd Battle of Earth, she managed to destroy or cripple 3 CCS-Battlecruiser's and cripple a Covenant Frigate. With very few ship commanders left to control FLEETCOM, she was put in charge after the death of Miranda Keyes on the Ark.

After the Human-Covenant WarEdit

After the Human-Covenant War ended with the death of Truth and the deactivation pf the Halo Installations, Eve continued her life as a ship commander and began fighting the rogue Covenant ships that were unaware of Truth's death. Some, when hailed, actually would stand down, others, still blinded by Truth's teachings, attacked the Have Blue on sight. Most ended with a MAC round to the bridge.