This article, First Parasite Strike, was written by Snapatchu. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

As the Vitika cast their eyes on the surrounding galaxies, they had entered a galaxy their inhabitants have come to call the Milky Way Galaxy. One of these inhabitant races, the Forerunners; a highly advanced race for their time, had emerged to reveal themselves to the Vitika. For the short time the Vitika were in the galaxy, they shared some of their knowledge with the Forerunners. Knowledge such as the creation of worlds. The Forerunners used this to construct the first generation of Mechanical Worlds. These mechanical worlds would soon be refitted as Shield Worlds against the Halo Array. Before departing, some Forerunner discovered a parasite known as the flood. They had brought back a sample just as the Vitika were departing. A single spore made its way onto a Vitika ship and began developing in the Vitikan home galaxy.

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