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Forerunner Infestation Force

Forerunner Empire


Forerunner Empire


To destroy any Flood infestation on Forerunner territory


Around 10,000 (each group). Estimated at 5,000,000 overall


Destroy, clean, repeat

Numerous Equipment including Spacecraft


Battle of Iris (first failed mission)


The Forerunner Infestation Force was the bulk of the Forerunner Empire's forces dedicated to destroying Flood infestations while the army fought the flood on the front lines. It was one of the most sucessful sections of the military and recieved many honors and bonuses in equipment. However after the Battle of Iris, where many FIF members were living, around one quarter of the whole organisation was consumed by the flood. After that they failed to win many battles and the Infestation Force, along with around 95% of the Forerunner Species, was killled by the Halo Array. The last survivor of the Infestation Force was crushed by High Charity's landing on the Ark; although this did not mean the entire species was extinct.

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