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Frasier Fleet Industries logo2
Frasier Fleet Industries
Organizational information

Martin Frasier


Bastion, Avalon, shipyards at Britannia

Primary role(s)

Starships, warships, atmospheric craft, military vessels

Major Products
Chronological and political information



Reformation War, Human-Covenant War, Swarm War


The Royal Allegiance


Frasier Fleet Industries was a vital starship manufacturer for The Royal Allegiance well before, during and after the Swarm War. It was a well-established and successful company that equipped a large proportion of the Allegiance's sizeable Navy, though not to the extent of Avalon Orbital, a rival military hardware company that did not venture into the civilian market.


Frasier Fleet Industries was started by a former Navy officer called Martin Frasier. Although he had left the armed forces relatively early in his life, he did this in order to assist his former comrades and the Allegiance as a whole, as well as to cash in on an opening he saw in the market for advanced starships both military and otherwise. Growth was slow for the first few years but by 2135 the company was well established and beginning to be recognised on a widespread scale. By 2140 Frasier Fleet Industries won its first hardware contract from the Navy, and from that point onwards its success only increased.

While Frasier Fleet Industries did not have nearly as large a role in military manufacturing as its main rival, Avalon Orbital, it maintained a higher annual revenue every year from 2230 onwards. This can be attributed to Frasier's two subsidiaries which focused on more specialised markets. Aeon Commercial, for example, was the company's civilian arm, selling everything from starfighters, small shuttles and freighters to luxury yachts, orbital shopping stations and passenger liners. Strategic Instruments, on the other hand, handled highly lucrative precision engineering and manufacturing, producing imperative, vital and expensive core systems for vessels such as shielding, weaponry, life support systems, power cores and sensory/navigation equipment for both civilian and military markets.

By the time of the Swarm War, Frasier Fleet Industries was producing several vital ship classes for the Allegiance Navy and reserve forces, including Triton-class Heavy Destroyers, Aurora-class Light Frigates, Hesperus-class Stealth Frigates, ATL-772 Sabre Dropships and Hera-class Carriers. The hundreds of Frasier shipyards throughout the Allegiance continued throughout the war to be the lifeblood of the Theran's survival, producing the ships they needed to survive until one by one they were obliterated. In the early stages of the war, the Allegiance took out loans from the company to pay for the ships it continued to buy. By the end of the war, these debts were being written off at a phenomenal rate as the company and the Allegiance traded ships for shipyards that they so vitally needed, in a symbiotic relationship. The Allegiance granted Frasier Fleet Industries the shipyards it desperately needed to produce its revenue and replace the majority of its own, and in return the Allegiance gained warships to be fielded against the ever-encroaching Swarm.

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