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Freelancing Guild
Organizational information



Earth, Mars, Harvest, Reach, Elenor

Primary role(s)

Civilian Operations

Chronological and political information

The Freelancing Guild is selective membership program for Freelancers. The guild has established permission for guild members to be taken along into warzones. Freelancers are welcomed often within the military units as they bring with them news and stories from the outside. This gives relief to soldiers.


To join the Freelancing Guild, a person must go through rigorous training in not only military instances but also pass a long and quite difficult written test to prove their worth. Most who sign up for the guild are turned down because of their inability to complete even a small portion of the inceptions requirements.

Training and the testing takes two months, where the initiates cannot leave the grounds until the inception is over. Unless of course they are removed from the program. Those who do make it through the inception are given a badge that they must wear at all times and are implanted with a chip to ensure authenticity in case of attempted forged badges.

Once they receive both of these, the Freelancers are automatically entered in the military Freelancer database.


Katie MelangeEdit

Melange is a Female Combat Journalist from the colony planet Elenor. She has been an active member of the guild since inception, all her work has been submitted to the guilds news branch. Her work has been noted several times for its authenticity and voice.

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