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4th Stealth Tactics and Operations Team; GHOST



Special Operations


Enemy Technology, retrieval and recovery


5 Person

Part of
  1. 1. Lieutenant Commander Simon Drake
  • 2. Lieutenant Jerome Brown
  • 3. Lieutenant Carlos Damm
  • 3. Lieutenant Linda Burk
  • 3. Lieutenant Mikhail Tokarev





Numerous throughout Human-Covenant and Human-Jiralhanae Wars


GHOST Team is an ONI Special Operations Team, notable for over 150 successful missions, and the gathering of vital information that led to the defeat of the Jiralhanae in the Human-Jiralhanae War. The Team is made up of five members, whose codename's first letter gives the name of the squad. GHOST was given heavily customized variants of normal ODST body armour. The new alloy in use was a prototype that was designed to be stronger and more heat resistant than the regular armor, but not any heavier. Being ONI Operatives, GHOST was given full access to the armories on Mars, and they usually field tested prototype weapons on their missions. LTCMD Simon Drake is the only non-marine member of GHOST. He instead comes from Section III at ONI, and had only very limited combat experience before hand. At first, the rest of GHOST resented Simon because of his ONI Status, but as they quickly found out, he was a natural born leader and a good friend. At the time of the dissolution of GHOST Team the team had, combined, over 100 years of experience, and over 150 missions complete over 33 years.

At First most of the members of Ghost weren't full time, rather they were called out at random times to complete missions on behalf of ONI. It wasn't until after the Human-Covenant War that GHOST Team became a full time project.


Lieutenant Commander Simon Drake-GHOST

Communications Specialist

Lieutenant Carlos Damm-Herald

Sniper/Recon Specialist

Lieutenant Linda Burk-ORPHEUS

Heavy Weapons Specialist

Lieutenant Mikhail Tokarev-SILENT

Close Quarters Battle Specialist

Lieutenant Jerome Brown-TERROR

Vehicle Specialist

The Faces of GHOSTEdit

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