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General William S. Coheed

"Men, we have to face facts: The Militia and the so called 'Mr. K's Parade' are both just thorns in the side of our great orginization! We are the supreme power holders on Eden, and it shall remain that way to Doomsday! We will root them out, and exterminate them, like the vermin they are!" - William S. Coheed to senior officers of the EDF

William S. Coheed, age 62, is the founder and leader of the Eden Defense Force (EDF).

History Edit

Although little is known about William, birth records show him being born to John W. Coheed and Mary K. West, on December 21. John was a high ranking member of the UNSC, and wished the same for his son. But, William did not approve of the UNSC's style, and decided to break off and create a private military orginization called "The Defense Force." After the colonization of Eden, he decided to set up his base of operations there, getting major government and corperation sponsers.

Personal Facts

  • Has basic ODST training, and has access to the latest military resources.
  • Delicate psycosis. Diagnoses: Multiple Personality Disorder.
  • Has a strong desire to bring order and justice to Eden.


"Please, I assure you and your viewers that my mental state is unharmed by time and space." - William S. Coheed to a news reporter, when asked about his frequent therapist visits.

"We do not corrupt.

We do not murder.

We do not steal.

We simply protect." - William S. Coheed when asked what the EDF does.

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