This article, Gleaming Sapphire, was written by Baracuss. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Councilor Baracuss Antairious' 3rd Ship, the Gleaming SaphireEdit

The Gleaming Saphire does not have modified systems, like its sister-ship the Glimmering Emerald. It is just "presumed" a normal Assault Carrier, and is mainly used for reconosence. The Gleaming Saphire was stolen by Loyalists, after a very large ambush near the Galactic center (Reason for being so close to the center is Classified). This Ship has been recovered due to a Valient Effort by Baracuss. He had found the Loyalist fleet, orbiting around Threshold for some odd reason, and engaged it. Armed only in the Seraph he was flying against over 500 Loyalist ships, he somehow managed to be victorious (Though some rumors may have been involved). The Ship has now returned to the fleet. This ship is Commanded by Captain Dora 'Nerephsee and 2nd-in-CMD, Kralo 'Dercamnee. ==

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