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My Personal Ship, the Glimmering EmeraldEdit


The Glimmering Emerald is Baracuss Antairious' personal ship, and the Flagship of the Separatist fleet: Fleet of Approaching Salvation. During Baracuss' "Off-Ship Adventures" the Glimmering Emerald is under the Command of Kartal 'Surimnee, a great friend of Baracuss. The fleet has only four ships (including the Glimmering Emerald), the other two ships are the Gleaming Sapphire, the Shining Diamond, and the Dazzling Ruby. The Glimmering Emerald is one of the main targets for the Covenant Loyalists, because it used to be the main transport vessel of the Prophet of Mercy, and contains access codes to multiple Loyalist areas. The Glimmering Emerald has had some modifications preformed on it's systems and outter hull. It has much stronger engines than most Assult Carriers, being able to fly faster (Air or Space) and still have full manuverability, It has nanobot technology within the ship that will help rebuild the Emerald if damaged, and finnaly it has a cloaking system, being able to become nearly invisible for a full hour.The Cloaking Devise only lasts an Hour and needs an Eight Hour recharge, and it still can be detected on radar when cloaked. Also, while cloaked the Emerald cannot go into slipspace, and (just as the Elite's active cammo devises) if the ship opens fire the Cloaking devise automaticly shuts off and needs the eight hour recharge befor being used again. The Glimmering Emerald has an onboard AI known as Crimson Dagger.


The Emerald's Bridge

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