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HMS Apollo (FFM-703254)
Production information

Apollo-class Frigate


Avalon Orbital

Technical specifications






Maximum acceleration

3800 G

Maximum speed (Space)

1390 km/h

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

>1000 km/h

Engine unit(s)

2 Primary Ion Drives, 4 Secondary Ion Drives

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

faster than 117 light years per day

Power output

3.81217 × 1025 W (38,121,700,000 Petawatts)

Power plant

Custom Zero-Point Generator


Resistant to >194,220 terajoules per minute


>2.5m full purpose composite armour

Sensor systems

Full EM spectrum Ai-assisted multi-lateral Sensor grid

Targeting systems

AI-assisted independent targeting grid

Navigation system

Specialist-AI controlled independent sensor grid

  • AI-assisted NAV
  • Long Range Communication Array
  • Multi-role CIWS
    • Light Cannons
    • Flak Guns
    • Machine Guns
    • Particle Cannons
    • Missile Launchers
  • EMP Missile countermeasures
  • Torpedo Counter-guidance system
  • 2 ventral-mounted Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 4 side-mounted anti-armour (HPHE) Heavy Cannons
  • 10 Light Particle Cannon turrets
  • 16 Heavy Autocannon turrets
  • 10 turreted Heavy Missile launchers
  • 25 General Purpose Light Autocannons
  • 32 Flak Guns
  • 46 General Purpose Machine Guns
  • 15 Point Defence Particle Cannons
  • 20 Point Defence Missile Launchers
  • 1,973 enlisted personnel
  • 173 Officers
  • 1 'Smart' AI
Minimum crew

1 'Smart' AI

  • 2 Army or Marine Battalions (8 companies, 768 men)
  • 1 Battalion Marine Guards (shipboard defence only) 4 Companies, 384 men
  • An additional 190 Personnel if required
Cargo capacity

~10 metric tons additional cargo (excluding shipboard vehicular force)


4 months of Ion Drive propellant, 19 months of water recycling, 10 months of food supplies

Other systems

HALO Pod Launcher


Escort, Anti-starfighter, point defence, troop transport, starfighter transport, patrol, short range rapid response, light anti-armour




Second Battle of Thera, 18th January 2866

Present for battles/events

First Battle of Thera, Second Battle of Thera


The Royal Allegiance


5th Fleet




HMS Apollo (FFM-703254) was an Apollo-class Frigate in service with The Royal Allegiance Navy during the Swarm War. She was the first of her class completed and the class namesake. She was destroyed during the Second Battle of Thera.

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