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HMS Hope
Production information



Avalon Orbital

Modified by


Technical specifications


Slipspace Drive




  • Several Particle Cannons
  • Several Cannon Batteries
  • An unknown number of Point-Defence weapons

Escort, Carrier, ship-to-ship combat




2553 (Allegiance), 2561 (UNSC)


The Royal Allegiance, UNSC


284th Fleet

Known crewmembers

Matt Saren


The HMS Hope was a cruiser in service with The Royal Allegiance.


Hope was commissioned in 2421, during the height of the Reformation Wars. She did not see direct combat, however was structurally crippled by a sabotage attempt by paramilitary members of The Guild. The bomb severely weakened her superstructure, and she remained in dry dock until the conclusion of the war. As soon as she was repaired, she was pressed straight into service- The Allegiance Navy had taken a heavy beating during the course of the war, and was in dire need of all and any warships fit for duty.

The Hope served in the Allegiance 284th Fleet thereafter, as command ship of a Battlegroup. Her deployment duty was uneventful and she did not fire another shot in combat.

In early 2553, the Hope was part of an Allegiance Battlegroup sent to Earth as envoys. The oldest of the fifteen vessels, she was also the largest and most powerful. Following a rather frosty first contact, the Hope was presented to the UNSC as a symbol of the help the Allegiance would provide. She was renamed by the UNSC the UNSC Glorious Horizon. She remained in service with the UNSC until 2561, when she was broken up as scrap. She had served for one hundred and forty years. Her main Particle Cannons were not scrapped, and instead had orbital platforms built around them which were placed above Earth.

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