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HMS Radiant Horizon
HMS Radiant Horizon (FFM-839362)
Production information

Apollo-class Frigate


Avalon Orbital

Technical specifications






Maximum acceleration

3800 G

Maximum speed (Space)

1390 km/h

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

>1000 km/h

Engine unit(s)

2 Primary Ion Drives, 4 Secondary Ion Drives

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

faster than 117 light years per day

Power output

3.81217 × 1025 W (38,121,700,000 Petawatts)

Power plant

Custom Zero-Point Generator


Resistant to >194,220 terajoules per minute


>2.5m full purpose composite armour

Sensor systems

Full EM spectrum Ai-assisted multi-lateral Sensor grid

Targeting systems

AI-assisted independent targeting grid

Navigation system

Specialist-AI controlled independent sensor grid

  • AI-assisted NAV
  • Long Range Communication Array
  • Multi-role CIWS
    • Light Cannons
    • Flak Guns
    • Machine Guns
    • Particle Cannons
    • Missile Launchers
  • EMP Missile countermeasures
  • Torpedo Counter-guidance system
  • 2 ventral-mounted Heavy Particle Cannons
  • 4 side-mounted anti-armour (AE-HPHE) Heavy Cannons
  • 10 Light Particle Cannon turrets
  • 16 Heavy Autocannon turrets
  • 10 turreted Heavy Missile launchers
  • 25 General Purpose Light Autocannons
  • 32 Flak Guns
  • 46 General Purpose Machine Guns
  • 15 Point Defence Particle Cannons
  • 20 Point Defence Missile Launchers
  • 1,973 enlisted personnel
  • 173 Officers
  • 1 'Smart' AI
Minimum crew

1 'Smart' AI

  • 2 Army or Marine Battalions (8 companies, 768 men)
  • 1 Battalion Marine Guards (shipboard defence only) 4 Companies, 384 men
  • An additional 190 Personnel if required
Cargo capacity

~10 metric tons additional cargo (excluding shipboard vehicular force)


4 months of Ion Drive propellant, 19 months of water recycling, 10 months of food supplies

Other systems

HALO Pod Launcher


Escort, Anti-starfighter, point defence, troop transport, starfighter transport, patrol, short range rapid response, light anti-armour


The Royal Allegiance


The HMS Radiant Horizon (FFM-839362) was an Apollo-class Frigate in service with The Royal Allegiance Navy during the Swarm War.

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