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Prologue-A Covenant:Edit

Terror tiptoed out of the garage, the crates continued to move. Cloak elites no doubt. Terror jumped into the nearest tree, and jumped to the next limb, before flipping to the next, as Blaster called her-monkey girl. She always preferred to be at a higher level. Terror leapt two limbs to the left, then forward a couple before a blearing appeard. The crates had vanished. Terror knelt for a moment, and looked up at the silver moon that reminded her of Earth. The first planet-where God had created man thousands of years ago. A chaplan had once read her a book in a book called the bible, called Genesis. It was about the beginning of Earth and the universe. Nothing about the 'big-bang' theory. Chaplin Johnathan had once asked her about what she believed, but the truth was was that Terror didn't know what to believe. The chaplin had told her about having a covenant with God, but she only knew the word to be a bad thing. But maybe this covenant, a covenant was a good thing. Leo seemed to believe in it. In history the United States of America's pleadge of alligience said 'one under God.' So maybe it is a good thing.

Terror gasped, suddenly looking down, spider webs were everywhere. "Wh-what..." She suddenly released a agonizing scream, and fell forward off the branch, somethnig was sinking its fangs into the back of her neck. Terror tried to scream, but suddenly found that she couldn't. Her limbs stopped moving. She felt sick, and suddenly fell out of consciousness.

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