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Halo-SPARTAN 177

Halo: SPARTAN 177


Lauren SPARTAN Rogue-177 (Age 15)

"Tell everybody I siad it was an honor. Don't ever give up... Remember the Alamo, Luke, Leo, Alex! Remember the Alamo!"
―--Lauren SPARTAN-177

Part I: Overview Edit

Early life... Edit

Birth - Childhood Edit

SPARTAN 177 was born on a space ship, date is unknown. Her parents named her Lauren. Both mother and father were highly respect soldiers, and her father was captain of the Twilight's Hope, one of the UNSC's smaller ships. Lauren became quite popular among the crew, her mother died with her team of marines soon after she was born, so she grew up with out a mother, and never got to see her father. Lauren showed great promises for the academy, and potential for following in her father's footsteps, but the real Lauren was never given that chance, no she was put into the SPARTAN program.

SPARTAN Program Edit

Which SPARTAN program she was in was never mentioned. Guesses were at the SPARTAN III program, or even a later program. Lauren showed defiance in the beginning, but soon started to realize her potential. She was enhanced earlier than the SPARTAN II, she was enhanced at age twelve, she became a great leader, but some say she was put out in the field too early, that her skills weren't sharp enough. Her skills were put to the test on an asteroid soon enough.

Part II: Asteroid Edit

Asteroid Rescue Edit

Landing's the easy part, Kid. Edit

SPARTAN 177 stared out the window she sat next to, looking down at the asteroid, and the Covenant ships engaged with other UNSC ships. "Ready for this, kid?" Private Sanders asked, a tall marine, watching her back, for some odd reason.

"I was born, ready! Sir!" SPARTAN 177 said.

"How old are you?"

"fifteen, Sir!" SPARTAN 177 shouted.

"At ease, you SPARTAN are way too stiff," Sanders said.

SPARTAN 177 took off her helmet, then looked in the reflection, observing her bulky armor. After her last mission she had been separated from her other SPARTAN brothers, and sisters. They were all assigned to different areas, and each was alone, this was 177's first time without one of her brothers or sisters. She put her helmet back on, feeling the ship jolt.

"All hands, brace for impact!" the Captain's voice came over the com.

SPARTAN 177 gripped onto the side, when suddenly a bigger jolt, sent everyone in the room flying to the other side. SPARTAN 177 jumped up, "Everyone okay?"

"I'm alive," a few moaned.

"We're good."

"Captain Nickles to SPARTAN 177!"

"Yes sir?" SPARTAN 177 asked.

"We have bording parties heading for engineering, I need you to intercept."

"Rodger Wilco," SPARTAN 177 said, then grabbed a shot gun, a pistol, and a few extra rounds.

"Good luck kid, we'll be waiting on the pelican," Sanders said.

SPARTAN 177 saluted, then started down the hall. This was her first solo order, she wasn't going to blow it. She stopped outside the engineering doors, then peeked in, no Covenant. "Alright, I want everyone out of the room ASAP! Covenant forces are on their way!"

People looked at her, then began to evacuate, an engineer walked up to her, "I've locked all systems, and rerouted control to the bridge, good luck, SPARTAN."

SPARTAN 177 laid a trip mine down, then placed a sheet of metal over it, then she set explosives further on. Finally she put herself in position. She was just in time, because no more than four seconds later, the door opened. Four elites walked in, they were much bigger than Lauren had hoped, then six other, shorter aliens walked in. Grunts. Lauren waited, and watched.

"They are gone," one elite said.

"Wise," another muttered.

The leader sniffed, "I don't think so, search the perimeter, we're being watched, and I don't like it."

SPARTAN 177 gulped, but remained unmoving, just then one of the grunts stepped on the trip mine. SPARTAN 177 clenched her eyes shut, as it exploded, and prepared the other two bombs for when the elites came running to the seen, she pushed the button, and the explosion killed them. SPARTAN 177 stood from her cover, then walked out, shot gun held up, ready for anything. She walked over to the corpses, then poked one of the scorched elites, with her shot gun. It didn't move. 177 sighed, it didn't sit right with her, but she shrugged, and turned back, "This is SPARTAN 177, Captain, all hostiles nuetralized."

"Good work, 177, go back, and hitch a ride on a pelican, you're needed on the asteroid."

"Yes sir, over and out," 177 turned back, only to see a boot knock her back. 177 moaned, then got back up, but was knocked back again. 177 stopped, then saw the elite in the golden armor.

"I knew you were somewhere, SPARTAN," he growled.

177 glared at him, "And I knew you'd have to come out sooner or later!" 177 swiped his legs out from under him. She jumped up, and took out her combat knife, and slashed his face.

The elite bellowed, then smacked her back.

177 was about to get back, up, when the elite jumped on to her.

The elite kicked her in the gut. 177 drew her legs out from underneath him, then shoved her foot into his mandibles. She jumped back, then grabbed her pistil, and fired.

The elite ripped his energy sword from his belt, and charged at her. 177 aimed for his head, she fired.

The elite came crashing down right in front of her.

His sword, not yet deactivated, cut her arm.

177 screamed, and gripped her arm. Her red blood oozed from her wound, she ignored the pain, as the suit's opening sealed, with the foam substitute. 177 shook it of, she'd be fine. She ran out into the hall, and started for launch bay Alpha.

177 jumped onto the pelican, the doors shut behind her. She ran to the cock pit, and took the navigation's seat. She opened a channel to the asteroid. "Asteroid colony, Alpha Prime, you have UNSC forces inbound."

"U-N-... C forces, we-ave-... bomb---hostages!"

"Alpha Prime, repeat," 177 said.


"Ow!" 177 scowled, at the screaming. She leaned up, and looked out the window.

"We've entered the artificial atmosphere, incoming banshees!" Sanders said.

"I got an idea, open the back door!" 177 shouted. She jumped out of her seat, then ran to the back.

"Where are you going?!" a marine shouted.

"I know what I'm doing!" 177 shouted through the wind.

"Oh, I'm afraid to know!" Sanders shouted from the cockpit.

"SHUT UP AND DRIVE!" 177 blinked at her own abruptness, "Sir!" she finished.

Sanders sighed, then continued to pilot.

"Come to daddy!" she grunted, throwing a frag grenade at a banshee. "Don't knock me off!" 177 grabbed a hold on the side, then crawled onto the roof. She wobbled a bit, then steadied. "Here kitty kitty!" She fired at a banshee. 177 grinned, as it started for her. It fired but missed, "Come on, just a little closer." Suddenly 177 jumped up, and grabbed onto the banshee's wings.

"177, have you lost your mind?!"

She tried not to look down, and swung the rest of her body on. She pulled open th cockpit, then ripped the elite out, and jumped in. "No, sir! Just determined! I'll lead the others away!" 177 started to fire at the banshees. She had got their attention, and started to fly off, when suddenly a red light started to blink, "I'm going to guess that's a bad thing." Just then part of the banshee exploded. 177 aimed for the ground, but felt like she was coming in too fast, then impact!

Rude Awakening.Edit

177 opened her eyes, she lay beside the crashed banshee. She looked up, "The pelican's still in the air, didn't black-out long," 177 got to her feet, and looked around, she was unarmed, in a hostile area, with banshees probably searching for her, what else could possibly go wrong?

Just then she felt a vibe behind her.

"I just had to ask," 177 growled, then started to make a run for it. She felt the banshee's gun fire nicking at her heels, when suddenly she tripped, and tumbled forward. "Stupid! Idiot!" 177 punched the ground, then jumped up, and started running again. "This is SPARTAN 177, does anybody read me?!"

"This is sergeant Pike."

"I need immediate back up! I've got a-make that three banshees on my tail, and just to let you know, sir, I'm unarmed, and on foot, this is urgent!"

"We're inbound you your location."

177 looked behind her, when suddenly one of the launched it's plasma cannon. 177 went flying, then tumbled as she rolled to a landing. Her vision flashed red. This was a lot harder than the simultations, but she had thought she could handle it. 177 remembered the discussion on whether they should put the SPARTANS into the war yet.

The banshees hovered around her body, why wouldn't they just finish the job? Or were they trying to figure out if she was alive. 177 waited, then suddenly jumped up. Just as one of the banshees fired, she jumped up. The banshee across from the first fired as well, and they destroyed each other. 177 ran towards the last, then jumped up, and battered it until she destroyed it, with the elite inside.

Te wart hog drove up.

"Damn, remind me not to get on her bad side," one of the marines muttered.

177 turned back around, she saluted, "Sir, I'm SPARTAN-177! Sir!"

"At ease, 177."

" Permission to man your gun until we get to base?" 177 asked.

"Hop in," the sergeant said. It was... Difficult to understand how they could act that way. Of course, 177 had been separated from everyone else, so she could be considered a bit heartless, but sometimes at least attempted to have a sense of humor, plus her immature blurt-outs she happens to say in the worst of times. Bad habit.

Romeo Base Edit

177 jumped off the back of the warthog, then stopped, no one was there to tell her what to do next. 177, you are a big girl now, you don't need to depend on anyone.

"177, 059 wants you in the situation room, now!"

177 jumped to her feet, and ran into the room where the marine had beckoned her.

"Nice of you to join us, Rookie," a Helljumper said.

"Save it for the field, Jackson!"

177 turned, to see a seven-foot SPARTAN. She gaped at him, 177 had never seen one of the SPARTAN IIs. "Uh-..."

"SPARTAN 177, I'm your new commanding officer, SPARTAN 059." He held out his hand.

177 shook his hand.

"Now, we need focus." He turned back to the table, "The Covenant have set a bomb here, big enough to ignite the entire artificial atmosphere, and kill everyone on this asteroid. We need a bomb specialist."

"Will, is all we had, but he's in the medical compound, plasma grenade nearly killed him."

"Sir," 177 said.

059 turned to her.

"I've had experience with disabling Covenant weapons, a bomb shouldn't be too different," 177 said.

All attention turned to her.

177 shrunk back.

"How much experience have you had?"

"Not as much as some, but more than others, sir."

059 studied her, "If that's going to happen, then we're going to have to find a way to get the hostages out of harms way."

177 blinked, "Where are they?"

"Almost twenty-five meters from the bomb."

"I can get in, but I'll need back up," 177 said.

"My squad is ready," a helljumper Captain said.

"I have an idea, if this here is the opening, then these vents have to lead in. I can make a big enough Distraction to get most of the guard's out of there, what are we up against?" 177 asked.

"Ten Elites, four Jackals, twelve Grunts, there are about fifteen hostages, all civilians, mostly women, and children," Captain Charles said.

"Your ODSTs need to crawl threw the vents, and position them around these vents, here, here, here, and here. I'll give you the signal when I've finished most of them," 177 said.

The ODST looked uncertain. Probably about taking orders from a kid. "Fine."

177 nodded, "When do we leave?"

"Now," 059 said, "We don't know how long the bomb has."

177 saluted, "Aye sir!" She turned.

An ODST threw a shot gun at her, the butt of the gun, hitting her chest plate.

Jerk came to her mind, what problem did the ODSTs have with SPARTANS?

"Don't worry, 177."

177 turned, seeing a tall ODST, he handed her a pistol.

"We're not all like that, kid," he said, then ruffly pat her back, as he moved on.

Again, 177 was puzzled by other people, all were different.

Ambush! Edit

177 walked against the wall, "Captain, are your men in position?"

"We're ready, 177," Captain Charles said.

177 picked up a stone, then peek around the corner, she blinked at all the Covenant, her fingers suddenly ran cold, and the blood drained from her head, when finally she tossed the pebble. 177 jerked back, then jumped into her hiding place, behind a dumpster, and waited. "Aim small, miss small... Aim small, miss small. Focus, focus," 177 tried to calm herself. First mission jitters. She lifted her pistol, and put the silencer on.

"Check that," the deep voice of an Elite ordered.

She looked up, seeing six grunts come out, she had to be patient, this wouldn't take long. she waited till they stood in a line, then fired six times. "Yes," she whispered.

She heard an Elite's startled sound, and one walked out.

177 put herself in the next position, and waited till her turned around, then fired.

After killing the Jackals, and the other grunts as well as six Elites, she calculated that there were only six Elites left. 177 waited, it had only been ten minutes, she was making progress. Just then, a little boy came running out, he was crying.

177 jumped up, and picked him up, "Are you alright?"

The boy was three at most, he screamed in 177's grip.

"Hey, hey I'm here to help, I'm not one of those j-," 177 started.

"Covenant," a deep voice corrected, she cursed under her breath, just as 177 felt a carbine touch the base of her skull.

"Set the child down, SPARTAN," the Elite ordered.

177 slowly put the boy down. What do I do? I have shields, I should be safe. What if he kills the kid? No, I'm a SPARTAN, I won't let that happen. 177 leaned back up, then just as the Elite reached for her pistol, she spun around, foot in the air, and kicked him back. She recalled what the trainers used to say about being fast. She knocked him down, and before he could call for help, she broke his neck. This would be a time when a marine would say, 'Hoo-rah!'

177 took his plasma grenades, then walked into the civilian area.

Many of them gasped, and terrified faces turned to hope.

"Covenant! Surrender, or die like all your buddies!" 177 called.

The Elites turned around, one grabbed a hostage, and activated it's energy sword, "You're in no place to be giving orders."

177 winked her signal light, then she saw six others wink back. "Am I not?"

Just then the Elite's head burst apart, his body toppled to the ground, then girl he had, screamed.


The Elites dove for cover, just as one other was shot.

Four remained.

"Captain, that's not the last, they're waiting, don't come out yet, I think they've engaged their cloaks," 177 said. She looked at the terrified civilians, "Stay put, I'll get you out of this."

"Not before you die, SPARTAN," a deep voice said.

Lauren put her Shot Gun up, and looked around, she took a step back. Just then she heard an energy sword activate. She jumped over the blade, then flipped back, and fired. Another came from her left, then another from her right. She was surrounded, they spread out, then became visible. "Stick it!" 177 threw a plasma grenade onto one of the Elites, then shot the other twice with her shot gun, and finally, she lunged for the last, just as the grenade exploded. It sent both of them flying apart. 177 hit a dumpster, making a large dent, but quickly recovered, and got back up. It was hurt the Elite much more. He had landed on a blown open dumpster, and one of the out-spikes that was made pierced his torso. He raised his gun at her, hand shaking, but 177 raised her shot gun, and ended him. She looked at her health status, she was in the yellow, and her energy shield's bar slowly refilled.

"All clear, Captain!" 177 called, then walked over to the girl, with the Elite's purple blood all over her. She cried, gently, but still. 177 got on one knee, then put her hand on the girl's back, "Are you alright, ma'am?"

The girl trembled, then vomited.

177 wasn't exactly sure of what to do, but she pat her back, when finally, she had finished.

"I'll be alright."

"I'm sorry about the sniper, but I wasn't going to let him kill you, are you hurt?" 177 asked.

"He grazed my neck with his energy sword, but I'll be okay."

"Good," 177 said, as she stood up, "I'm SPARTAN 177." 177 held out her hand, and the girl accepted.

"I'm Allyn."

She was at least thirteen, maybe fourteen.

177 was slightly embarrassed, she suddenly noticed how short she was. 5' 8 wasn't anything.

The ODSTs started to come out of the vents. 177 met Captain Charles. "Sir, my job here is finished, permission to move on to the bomb?"

"Do you need an escort?" Charles asked.

"I can manage, sir," 177 said.

"Are you sure? You handled the Elite with the boy very... descreatly."

177 stopped, "If you have a problem with me sir, now is the time, but I'm not a child," 177 said.

"For one, my problem with all SPARTANS is that they think they're all so much better, with their augmentationm, for two, you're only a stupid teenager," Charles said.

He really is jelous... 177 turned, "No sir, I don't need back up, or any escort."

"I'm not finished with you!" Captain Charles scolded.

"Well I am-Captain LOOK OUT!" 177 ran over, and shoved him out of the way, just as an Elite jumped down from behind. It grabbed her, and held her by her helmet's chin.

The Elite roared.

"How many times do I have to kill you?!" 177 grunted, then shoved her elbow back, hit his head, then threw him over her, and shot him with her pistol. 177 breathed, then turned to Captain Charles, still on the ground. She put her pistol away, and tried to be the bigger man, and helped him up. "You dropped this, sir," 177 said, handing him hi rifle, then she turned around.

177 hated her job at this moment, was she always going to be hated by certain marines, and ODSTs?

"Wait, 177!"

"Yes Allyn?" 177 sighed.

"I was with them when they moved it, I know where they put it," Allyn said.

"Put what-put where, I mean, what?" 177 stammered.

"You know, the bomb, I can take you to it."

"No, it's too danger ous, we know where the bomb is," 177 said.

"They moved it, they said the humans saw so, they moved it, I'll so you!" Allyn said.

177 sighed, "Are you-?"

"I'm certain!" Allyn answered. "This is my home, I want to make sure it survives this."

"Allyn, what are you doing?" a woman came up.

"Mom, they moved the bomb, I have to help them!"

"No, I already lost your father, I'm not letting you go too!"

"Ma'am, if they have moved the bomb, then we need to know where it is, I won't let her die," 177 promised.

The woman frowned, "You better, or I promise SPARTAN, your life will be over."

177 blinked at the womans hostility. "Yes ma'am. I'm following you."

Allyn nodded, then started to lead the way.

Sure hope this kid is right.

Follow you to hell. Edit

"Right there," Allyn said.

177 got to her knees, "It's a third class plasma."

"A what?" Allyn asked.

"A step down from a nuclear bomb, no radiation, but'll unleash hell on this asteroid," 177 said. "059, sir! I've found the bomb!" “

"Are you sure you can do this?" Allyn asked.

"If you, sh! This takes concentration." She quickly cut the first wire, then followed the second, which was fused to the detonator. 177 focused, this last wire would mean the safety of all, or destruction on a galactic scale. “Oh God,” she whispered, then cut the wire, it went off line. 177 slumped back, and took a large, long breath, then let it out. Her body wanted to faint right there, but she didn’t let herself.

"177!" 059 shouted.

"Bomb disabled, sir," she sighed.

"Way to go, SPARTAN!" Allyn cheered.

"We have another problem, 177," 059 said over the com.

177 groaned, "Wha-," then stood up. She screamed, as something came crashing down next to her. “A scarab!” she growled, wondering what more could go wrong.

"What is that thing?!" Allyn cried.

177 grabbed a miner’s cable launcher, then put it around her waist. “Petty Officer Malcolm? I’m afraid I’m going to have to break that promise of not doing anything… Stupid.”

"177?" 059 hesitated.

"What are you doing?" Allyn cried.

"I'll disable the, tell all forces to get out of the way, it's going to be quite an explosion."

"177! Don't you d-!"

177 cut him off, Ford had always told her she was stubborn. She extended the cable to full, then launched.

"177!" Sander yelled. coming into sight, "What are you doing?"

“Get the girl out of here!" 177 ordered.

Sanders came to Allyn's side.

"Hey, Sanders?” 177 asked.

177 took her shot gun off her back, “In case I don’t come back, and I never get to say this, Ow.” 177 suddenly grunted, being pulled with the scarab, her boot scraped the cement, making sparks, when she finally pushed the retract button, and started up, “Sure hope I don’t get court martial for this.” She grabbed onto the side, then started to climb. She made it to the deck, no Covenant. She pulled her self up. She walked around the corner, then shot the Elite manning a turret. She put her shot gun back on her back, then grabbed the turret, put her foot on the mount, and ripped it off. She smiled, then with ease carried it with her, finally she went into the control room, she was greeted by five elites, “Say good night.” 177 opened fire, and killed them all, after having to move at every blow. She walked up to the last Elite, then spoke in her deep tone, “Cut it off, and I might let you live.”

The Elite roared, then charged.

177 dropped the turret, then pulled out her shot gun, and hit him in the head.

The Elite fell, dead.

177 blinked at the crater she had made in his helmet, then walked over, and slid the cover away, showing the power cell. She fired, then fired again, until it disappeared. Just then all the lights went off, and there was a charging sound. 177 ran out, then stopped at the deck, she attached her belt to the side, then jumped off, and zoomed down. Suddenly the scarab exploded. 177 clenched her eyes shut, preparing for impact, she plundered into the ground, then a chunk of the scarab hit her in the head, then all turned to blackness.

Part III: One more ProblemEdit

First time for everything.Edit

Bruises of destroying a scarab.Edit

"177? 177, come in!"...

"177, this is SPARTAN 059, do you read me?"

"I think we lost her, sir."

177 pushed the purple metal off her, she saw the red blood on the ground, then looked to see the non-metal part of her suit had been sealed by the foam substitute, and blood spattered her armor. She stood up, then took in a deep breath, “You haven’t lost anyone, sir.”


"I'm alive, a bit banged up, but alive," 177 said.

"We're on our way, how bad are your injuries?"

"Gash in the leg, slash on the arm, and just the common bruising that every SPARTAN has."

"Every SPARTAN that blows up a scarab," Captain Charles sneered.

177 walked over to a piece of the scarab, and sat. She gripped her arm, feeling spasm, then groaned. She closed her eyes, and felt like going to sleep. This had been the biggest day of her life, she felt like just slumping to the ground. The thought of just sleeping a little bit a little nap wouldn’t hurt. Yes, it would, if 059 catches me sleeping on the job he’ll think I’m irresponsible. Just as she was falling asleep, something tackled her, knocking her down. 177 kicked at the grunts piling her. Four-six- nine! This is just embarrassing! Just then, one knocked her helmet off. 177 yelled in fury. She knocked most of them off, and started to crawl for her helmet, suddenly an Elite grabbed her neck, and lifted her up. “SPARTAN,” he growled.

177 pulled at the Elite’s grip, she was at least two feet off the ground, most likely about to die, and all she could think about was what Master Chief, the legend, would do.

The Elite dropped her, then the grunts started to pile her again.

177 swung around, and killed one, then crushed another's skull. She broke open one of their methane tanks, 177 grabbed her helmet, and threw it on, “SPARTAN 177 to 0-!”

Worst day. Edit

177 opened her eyes, then sat up, with a groan. She looked to her side, then around at the purple scenery, "Aw shoot."

"Sir we lost her transponder just after you spoke, she has to be some where around here."

"She didn't contact me about moving, and she wouldn't have gone AWOL," 059 said, looking at the wreckage.

"Sir, I've found something!"

059 turned, then walked over to the Private, where there was blood on the ground, human blood. 059 jumped to the ground, then looked closer, there were anomalies in the blood. "If I may sir, the if we want to find out what happened, we need to follow the events." a marine corpral said.

059 hesitated, then nodded.

"If this is her blood, then she probably stood, then walked over here, and judging by the smudges in the metal, she sat, probably waiting for us. But these parts of the dirt that are stirred up, and flatened means there was a struggle, and here there's- wait."

"What is it?" 059 asked.

The marine looked over a bit of the wreckage, "She didn't give up with out a fight, sir."

"177?" 159 asked.

The marine shoved the purple metal away, and reviled a few dead grunts, grunt blood spattered all over, and there were dragging marks, with red blood following.

"I think we know what happened," 059 said, as he glared.

"Speak, you worthless human!"

The Elite grabbed her, then rammed her into the wall.

177 breathed, then stood up again, but still didn't say anything.

The Elite punched her in the gut, then kicked her helmet.

177 tried to fight the pain, but couldn't let go of her stomach. She had to get out of there, and soon. She had to get away before they'd kill her.

177 got back up after being put into a holding cell. The glowing energy barrier came up, she touched the shield, then punched it as hard as she could, no effect. She walked over to the wall, then tapped in one place then another. The lower part was hollow, and the plating wasn't thick at all. Just the a sob caught her ear. 177 slowly turned, a young boy sat in the corner, arms rapped around his knees.

177 turned to him.

He tried to scoot further into the wall.

"It's okay, I'm not one of them." 177 slowly walked over to him, "Are you alright?"

The boy nodded.

"I'm SPARTAN 177, I'm with the UNSC," 177 explained.

"How did you get here?" he asked.

"I wasn't careful enough," 177 admitted.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"I don't know."

The boy whimpered, then started to cry.

"Hey, no don't cry. Sh-sh-sh, I'll get you out of here, I promise you I'll get you out," 177 assured.

The boy sniffled, then leaned up, and embraced her.

177 gulped, what did she need to do? She gently pat him on the back, then rubbed his head.

"I'll get you out," she whispered.

177 let go of him, then walked back to the place on the wall. She tapped it again, listening to the tone, it had to be hollow, and there had to be some sort of override inside. Just then, 177 jerked against the wall, as four Elites walked in. 177 was grabbed by two, but they only hld her against the wall, as the other two dragged the boy out, "Leave him alone!" 177 shouted, "Stop!"

She suddenly watched in horror, as a gold Elite took out a needler.

177 clenched her eyes shut, afraid to watch. She heard it fire. The boy began to scream in pain, the she heard the needles explode, and nothing more. 177 looked up, and glared at the Elite who had done it, then her eyes led to the boy lying on the ground, a pool of blood forming around his body. Her will sank to the bottom of everything. She hadn't witnessed anything so horrible sense she watched her SPARTAN brother, R90 Blake, die the same way. The Elites threw her down, then left as quickly as they had came. All that was left to do was escape.

177 ran down the empty hall, then jumped over a couple of grunts. Bypassing the energy door wasn't hard, but she had no weapon, and was in the heart of a Covenant ship. 177 stopped coming to an Elite, she jumped over him, then swiped his feet out from under him, she took his sword, then activated it, and drove it into his chest. Her worry about killing was now gone. She had never exactly understood what the Covenant were, she had never completely understood what her job was, until now. She ran into another room, seeing several sets of hunters. 177 slowly back out, "...wrong room," she whispered.

A hunter roared, then started for her. 177 ran back out, then into a room on the side. She went inside, then saw several crates. She slowly climbed into an open one, then breathed. 177 brought up her heads-up display. All systems checked out, and all injuries were minor. She breathed, would it be safe to sleep? If she was to make it off, she'd have to have a at least little sleep.

Nightmares and Demons of the Past. Edit

177 sat with her arms crossed, glaring at Chief Ford.

"Why did you fight S76?" Ford asked.

"Cause he was trying to stop me from attacking the marine, he's weak."

"Really? Why were you trying to attack the marine?" Ford asked.

"It was part of the mission, I saw him as a threat, and when you have a mission you can't think twice."

"But while you were fighting with your team leader, your mission failed, let that be a lesson to you."

177 memory faded. She remember doing everything right after being punished with fasting for a few days. Luke had been weak, he was afraid to kill, but according to Ford, the certain SPARTAN program was about working together.

"Alright guys, we're here to infiltrate, and destroy this Covenant listening post. Houdini, you know what to do."

098 cracked her knuckles, "How do you want it?"

S76 handed her a small device, "Covenant cloaking generator, after capture, escape, and punch an opening in their sensors for us to get into. Specs, walk her through the plan."

"Do I get to bash a few heads in?" Houdini asked.

"When it's time, don't show too, too much resistance, you're supposed to be hurt, bad. Give them a good show," Specs chuckled.

"Don't do anything stupid," 177 warned.

"I'll make sure they have the upper hand, keep your helmet on, Stiff," Hudini said.

177 glared, "You need to take this seriously, this is our first mission, and if you screw it up, it's your butt." 177 walked up to 098, her helmet nearly touching Hudini's head, "and if you screw up, I'll be the first to keel haul you."

"Leave Houdini alone, Stiff, she's just being the sarcastic human she's always been," S76 said.

"Somethings not right, and by the time we find out it'll be too late," 177 said, "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Relax, Stiff, that's an order," S76 said.

177's muscles tightened, every time she was called that, it made her angry. "Whatever you say, Boss."

"Fixit, hows the broken pod?" S76 asked.

"Finished, the Covenant will think she was lost, and that her damaged pelican nearly came apart in the atmosphere."

"Good, Houdini, if you think they're going to kill, you get out of there."

"Sure, Boss."

As Gunner walked by 177, he shouldered her, "Watch who you're talking to, Stiff. Not everybody is as narrow-minded as you are."

"You watch who you're talking to, last time I checked I am still second in command here," 177 said.

Gunner shrugged, "Then why don't you start acting like it." Gunner pushed her back.

177 took in a deep breath, then kicked him in the back, with all the force she could.

"177!" S76 scolded.

"You always see one side of the story!" 177 scowled.

"Stiff, here seems to have a problem with my advice, Boss," Gunner said, standing up.

"It's not you place to, 'give her advice'," S76 said.

Gunner grunted, then walked off.

"Stiff, you better stop letting your anger get the better of you, or I promise, you'll loose your place in command."

"Yes sir."

"I picked you because what I used to see, when we were eight, when we were ten, you were a leader, what happened to that?" S76 asked, then walked off.

Houdini walked towards the pod, preparing for departure.

"Hey, Houdini," 177 said.

"Stiff?" Houdini asked.

"Good luck, okay?" 177 said, and patted her on the back

"Thanks, you too. I'll see you down there," Houdini said.

177 nodded.

098 waited to drift into the atmosphere, no Covenant ships had come to greet her. She was puzzled the Stiff told her good luck. She never told anyone good luck, not even Lucky, who seemed to have all the luck. 098 picked up a pair of cuffs, then put them on, and practiced on getting them off. A little too easy, she couldn't wait to see what the Covenant had for her. Just the the alarm went off. "Entering atmosphere in 10."

"Uh oh," 098 whispered, then buckled up, and grabbed the controls, then activated the distress beacon, "See if the Covenant can hear that."

Just then the computer said, "1."

Fire burned around the Pelican, 098 held onto the controls, attempting to stabilize the pelican, when suddenly there was a blast, and it all blacked out.

098 jerked back to life, "Okay, not as bad as I thought." Just then she heard the back door be forced open. 098 went limp, but kept her eyes open, "Showtime," she whispered.

"Nothing, check the Cockpit," a deep voice ordered.

She heard footsteps draw closer.

An Elite gasped, "E-e-excellency," a voice quaked.

It was hard not to laugh at the Elite's fear.

Another Elite in white armor stepped into view, "A SPARTAN," he hissed.

"Is it alive?" the first Elite asked.

098 grinned under her helmet, then let out a slight moan, and shift of the head.

"It's breathing, it must have gotten lost after it's ship was destroyed."

098 shift her head more, and pretended she hadn't notice them there, then put one hand on the controls, and another on her helmet, "Oh my head-," she stopped, then pretended to gazed at the two Elites, and stopped.

They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, then 098 slowly unbuckled herself, when suddenly she leaped up, and knocked them against the wall, then clumsily ran out of the cockpit, as though she was injured, then tripped herself. 098 got up again, before the Elites could grab her, then jumped off the crashed Pelican, only to find an entire Covenant force waiting for her, wraiths, banshees, Elites, grunts, jackals, the works. 098 gripped her side as though to be in pain, and looked at the red liquid.

"Don't move, SPARTAN!"

098 didn't, she waited, as all weapons pointed to her.

"Remove your weapon," the Elite behind her ordered.

098 took the pistol off her side, then tossed it away.

"Turn slowly."

098 slowly turned around.

"Hands up!"

098 raised her right hand, but kept her left on her side.

Just then something hit her back. Lights out.

"That's the signal!" S76 called, "SPARTANs, go!"

With Pilot and Specs in the cockpit, 177 watched Gunner sit by the turret mounted on the back of the pelican.

"Hey Stiff, look what I found," Lucky whispered.

177 looked at the cigars. "Marines smoke those after successful missions, SPARTANs don't."

"But, we could," Matchstick said.

"Those things destroy your insides," 177 said.

"And that's why we call her Stiff," Blaster said.

"Fine, you know what, I'm second in command. Go ask the Boss!" 177 scowled.

"Ask me what?" S76 asked.

"If we can have a cigar after the mission?" Speed asked.

S76 blinked, "I don't think it'd be a problem."

177 slapped her helmet.


"You and I are supposed to work together, but we are two very different people," 177 said.

"Oh give it a rest, Stiff!" Boomer said, cleaning his rocket launcher.

"Take it easy on her," Skates said, "Not like she's any more different than we are."

"Speak for yourself, Rollerblades," Gunner said.

"Okay, Jacob, we've been over this, it's Skates," Skates said.

"Eh, you have one call sign, you have them all," Gunner said.

"Sir, we've just received coordinates from Houdini," Pilot said. "Correcting coarse."

"Houdini does it again," Speed high-fived Boomer.

177 focused on cleaning her shotgun.

Skates sat down, "Don't listen to them, you know we all have our times, but we're still brothers and sisters."

"Right," 177 said, "But I've had my time since I first got in a fight with the Boss."

Skates looked down, there was no getting to her at that moment, he'd have to wait.

"Incoming banshees! Opening door, Gunner, you know what to do!" Pilot yelled.

Gunner jumped up, then manned the turret, "Let get ready to rumble!"

177 cocked her shot gun, then looked at the terrain zooming bellow.

"Stiff, don't get any crazy ideas," S76 ordered.

"Incoming!" Gunner yelled, then started to fire.

Lucky rolled to the floor, and pulled out her sniper rifle, then waited for a banshee to come into her sights, and she fired. The banshee twirled down. "And DEADO was his name-O!"

177 rolled her eyes, just then she saw another banshee's cannon charge, she looked at Gunner, he didn't see it.

The cannon fired.

"Jacob!" 177 screamed, jumping up, and shoving him, but just as it missed him, it blew the gun off, sending it into 177 gut, and shooting her into the wall.

"What was that?!" Pilot screamed, hearing the clang.

"Stiff!" Gunner exclaimed.

S76 made it to her first, "Boomer, man the-never mind. Lucky, keep a scope on those banshees." S76 shook her shoulders, "177, are you alright? Stiff!... Lauren!"

177 faded in and out, what was going on? What was happening?

"Lauren, are you alright?!" S76 exclaimed, shaking her.

177 moaned, then slunk to the ground.

"Doc!" S76 yelled, "I could use your help!"

Doc came through with a medical kit, then removed her helmet.

There was blood spatter across her forehead.

S76 looked over her singed armor, "Damn it! Why didn't she have her shields up?!"

"We weren't in combat yet, Boss." Doc brought out a scanner, and started a full body scan. "Slight internal bleeding, massive bruising around the gut, from the turret most likely, but it might keep her out during the mission."

"No..." 177 moaned. "I'm okay." 177 slowly stood.

"We need to take care of that head first," Doc said.

"No time," 177 grunted, then picked up her helmet, and shotgun.

"You just have to be stubborn," Doc growled.

"Yeah, I do," 177 said, putting her helmet back on, and activated her shields.

"Brace for impact!" Specs yelled.

177 ran over, and jumped into her spot. The pelican jolted, "S76! We can't continue like this!"

"Well what do you suggest?" Blaster asked.

177 put her shotgun on her back, "I'm suggesting this." She turned to the opening,and waited, when finally 177 ran, and jumped out.

"177!" S76 called.

177 plundered into the Banshee, head first.

"She's going to die," Boomer said flatly.

She drove her fingers into the metal as she nearly fell off. 177 pried open the cockpit, then yanked the elite out, and jumped in.

"Did you say something, Boomer?" 177 asked.

Boomer sighed through the com, "Only admiring your tactics, Stiff."

177 twisted to the side, then flew over the pelican. "Don't try that at home, kids."

"Who're you calling kids?!" Gunner asked.

"The SPARTANs sitting in the pelican below me," 177 said.

Gunner paused, "I forgot to say thanks, Stiff."

"Oh, don't get all soft, I'm still going to get you back!" 177 snapped, then fired at another incoming banshee. "Pilot, I'll take you in."

"Right, just make sure you watch out for the wraiths!" Pilot exclaimed.

"The wh-oh shoot!" 177 dodge the wraith's fire, then twirled up. "On second thought, I'll keep these guys busy!"

"Your funeral," Pilot said.

177 flanked off, then started firing at the wraiths.

A wraith suddenly fired on her from behind.

"Guys! I'm going to have to-!"

The banshee exploded.

177 jumped out, "177 to team, do not come back for m-!" she stopped, then looked at the ground, just as it rushed up to meet her head.

"177? Stiff, respond!" S76 exclaimed, he rushed to the back of the pelican, just to see her hit the ground.

"Sir, I think she's doing that on purpose, since we were separated, there was no way for her to get back without doing damage to the pelican," Fixit said.

"So, you're saying she's pulling a Houdini?" S76 asked.


177 opened her eyes, she moaned, her head throbbed with pain, she hated banshees, too unstable, and too easy to blow up. Two Elites towered over her, "Shoot."

177 jumped up, knocking their feet out from under them, when she was about to make a run for it, they grabbed her legs and ripped her back, "Let go!" she shouted, then ripped her feet away, and kicked each in the head, but a swift blow to the base of the skull zipped her lips. ----

098 rushed to the door, and opened it. The assault team rushed in.

"You know your places, set the charges, and get back out!" S76 ordered.

"What about me?" 098 asked.

"I need you to get ready, 177 was caught, if she needs help-,"

"Don't cause, then she'll get pissed," 098 finished.

"Not what I was going to say, but you'll know what to do," S76 said, then ran with Alpha team.

177 jerked in the two Elites grips. They were stronger than she'd thought they'd be. "Let me go!"

"The smaller ones are always weaker."

"I'll show you weak!" 177stopped, then ripped herself back, and jumped up, then land on one of the Elites. She kicked the other back, then took the firsts plasma rifle, and shot the other, but didn't take out his shields. 177 crushed the firsts skull, then tackled the other one, and battered him until his shields went down, "Who's weak now?" Then she fired, and killed him. "That ought to teach you, never piss off a SPARTAN!"

Someone clapped their hands.

177 turned around to see 098.

"Please, It was just getting good, continue."

"Not funny."

"Psht! you're too stiff!"

"Still not funny," 177 said. "Lets get-."

"This way," 098 said.

177 rolled her eyes, then followed her.

"The one time I follow you!" 177 shouted, then got on one knee, and allowed 098 to jump onto her knee, and up. 177 jumped up, just as the Elites ran into the crate.

098 flipped to the next, and over. 177 followed, then grabbed a hold on the edge, and pulled herself up.

"Too slow!"

177 shot passed 098, "Really? Beat you to the pelican!" 177 shouted, for once feeling playful. Just as she knocked something over. "Keep running!" 177 shouted, jumping off the hunter, still heading for the pelican.

"Come on, lets blow this joint!"

"Shut up, Boomer!" 177 growled. "We all on board?"

"Yep, sit, Pilot, get us out of here!"

098 and 177 sat. 177 watched, form the outside seat, as they flew out.

"We win, they lose... KABOOM!" Matchstick said, then pushed the detonator.

177 saw it happen, "Where did you set the charges form their weapon lockers, or..."

"I set the charges near a few crates, why?" Speed asked.

"Didn't you look at what was inside?!"


"Hit the deck!" 177 shouted.

They hit the floor, just as the spears shot in.

177 covered her head. When she heard it stop, she looked up, "Tease!" She jumped up, just as the pelican's back started to fall.

"Rear thrusters off line!" Pilot called.

177 yelled, falling back, then scraped against the floor as she felt her body give way. 177 grabbed onto what was left of the turret, she grabbed Tease's hand, just as he was about to fall. "No!"

The pelican straightened, but 177 couldn't pull them both up.

"Stiff, he's gone, let him go!"

"We can't just leave him!"

"177! Look!"

177 looked down at him, only to see a Covenant spear through his head. She closed her eyes, as she slowly let him go.

Awakening... Edit

177 suddenly jerked awake, that was one of the worst missions they had completed. All 177 could think is what she could have done different, but she slowly realized she knew Blaster was alive, that mission had never taken place to her knowledge. It was only a dream, but she felt like a demon from her past was haunting her about it.

High Charity Edit

177 felt the crate being lifted, then finally set down by two complaining elites. She slowly decided to peek out, then she jumped up, and dashed behind some other crates, then finally to a vent. She took it off, then crawled in, and put it back. An Elite walked by, he stopped, then sniffed. 177 jumped, then held herself at the top of the vent, just as the vent came off, and the Elite looked in. 177 held her mouth shut.

Finally, when the Elite was satisfied, he put the vent back on, and walked away.

177 sighed with relief, then allowed herself to fall. Her limbs were on fire, but she continued to crawl through the vents.

177 stopped, hearing a voice, not like any of the other Covenant, this one was smooth, graceful. "A Prophet." 177 looked bellow her.

"What is the situation, Shipmaster?" he asked.

Debriefing, this could get good. 177 silently moved back, she had never had much luck with vents, but she was doing alright. She eased back down, then quietly opened another vent, and crawled in. 177 sneaked over behind a couple crates, then silently activated her head’s up camera. Seemed like her getting in a crate to hide, then ending up on some big ship called High Charity might not be so bad, as long as she can get the information, and get out. 177 peeked up, and watched.

"The humans have taken back the asteroid, and have moved the majority of their forces to the planet known as Red Six,” an Elite said to a prophet.

"Red Six, yes the planet we had nearly taken those years back, excellent. Our invasion fleet is currently being sent, they will be here in a matter of days,” The one named Truth said.

"We are planning to take control of the space first; once their fleet is neutralized we will proceed to the planet,” the elite started.

"What happened on the asteroid? What stopped you?" Regret asked.

The Elite looked uncertain, “Two SPARTANS managed to sabotage our plans. The one we already knew of, and a newer one who just arrived. The new one is different, though.”

"What do you mean? Different?” Mercy asked.

"He’s younger, faster, smarter, and stronger,” another Elite said.

"Are you saying you were beat by a child?” Truth asked.

"You better believe it, freak,” 177 whispered under her breath. No one had mentioned the fact she was female, maybe no one had gotten the memo.

"It may not have been a child, Excellency-.”

"Silence! Were you able to kill him?” Regret asked.

"No, he disabled the bomb, after he destroyed our scarab we had managed to temporarily capture him, he escaped. We don’t know where he is now,” the Elite said.

177 narrowed her eyes.

"Very well, withdraw your ships, keep scouts on alert, and leave them, when our fleet arrives, they’ll not know what hit them,” Truth said, “And shipmaster.”

The Elite stopped.

"Kill the SPARTAN when you next find him,” Truth ordered.

177 back into a wall in the shadows, she had to get this information back to 059, she had to stop the invasion. She opened the vent, and crawled in, then shut it behind her. She crawled back up the narrow vent, and finally made it to the second level. Just then she heard speaking. She stopped, then peeked through the vent she was on.

"The bio weapon is nearly complete, it will be ready for the fleet,” Mercy said.

"We will be able to knock out every human on the planet without harming the ecosystem, or ourselves,” Regret said.

"Was it ever tested on the SPARTANS?” Truth asked.

"We were never able to capture one, alive,” Mercy said.

"Then before we launch it we will find one,” Truth said, then waved to an Elite.

"Malcolm-059,” 177 gasped, knowing who they were talking about.

"Did you hear that?” an Elite asked.

177 froze, she suddenly became light headed, but she did everything in her power to stay conscious.

"It’s nothing,” another honor guard said.

"No, that was most certainly something,” the first honor guard said.

177 felt the vent start to shake, “Oh sh-!” 177 fell onto the holo-table.

"It’s the SPARTAN!”

"He’s heard! Kill him!” Truth ordered.

177 jumped up, then kicked an honor guard down, then made a run out the door.

"After the SPARTAN!” Regret ordered. “Kill him-!”

Truth put his hand up, “No, don’t let him off the ship. Capture him, and we shall have our test subject… Use any and all force necessary, I wish to speak to this... SPARTAN...”

177 killed three grunts, with a single slice of the honor guard’s spear, that she had stolen. She twisted it around, then thrust it forward, threatening the others. The cowardly aliens made a run for it, screaming, and throwing their guns into the air. She had easily killed all other threats. 177 walked over to a phantom, then stood where it was supposed to bring her up. “Come on, activate, ship!”

The doors slid open, and Covenant started to pour in.

177’s heart raced, when suddenly it lit, and she flew up. She ran into the cockpit, and warmed up the systems. She grabbed what would’ve been the steering device. 177 steered out of the ‘launch bay’, the Covenant fired, but she flew out before any serious damage could be done. The phantom swung from side to side, “Should’ve paid more attention in pilot’s class! Okay, I can’t read anything on here, language would have been useful training.” 177 found the communications, “This is SPARTAN 177! Are there any ships in range?!”

An alarm went off.

"They’re pursuing! Come on, someone answer!” With only a short-range transponder chances were no one would hear. “If anyone can here me, I was just on a Covenant ship, I have vital information for UNSC Intelligence! I’m going to attempt to land, and take cover on a planet bellow. L-class desert planet, SPARTAN 177 over and out!” 177 grabbed the controls, and started the decent, she felt the fire from the Covenant ships shake the Phantom. “Hold together,” 177 prayed, “Hold together.” 177 grunted, as she was yanked back, then thrown into a wall.

The Elite jumped into the control chair, when suddenly the phantom jerked. 177 got up, then kicked the Elite out, and turned the phantom back around, then punched in the controls.

The Elite grabbed her, then punched her in the gut, then threw her out of the cockpit. He jumped out, and tackled her, just as she stood up. 177 kicked him off, then got back up. The Elite grabbed her helmet, and rammed her into a wall. Just then the doors to the cockpit closed. The Elite ran up, then hit the door, “You locked us out!”

"Sure did, problem?” 177 asked in her own, low tone.

The Elite roared, then grabbed her, and was about to throw her, when suddenly a blast sent them both into the side of the ship, and for 177. All the pain vanished with her consciousness.

Morak stared at the unconscious SPARTAN, his range made him boil under his skin, he wanted to kill him right then, but the Hierarchs gave him strict orders to capture not kill. He walked over to a locker, and pulled out a pair of electric cuffs. Then put them on the SPARTANS wrists. He punched the door to the cockpit open, then looked at the controls, the Spartan had punched them in. Morak growled. With the interference in the atmosphere there was no way for the ship to locate him.

Part IV: Swept Off TrackEdit

Desert moon... Edit

Getting along? Not gonna happen. Edit

177 groaned, then tried to stretch her burning arms, when suddenly she realized they wouldn’t part. 177 jolted up, she saw her hands cuffed into the blasted bracelets she had been put in not two days ago. Strangely these weren’t on so tight, if she tried, she might be able to shove them off. 177 put her feet on the edges, then thrust out, she grunted, tumbling back. Her hands felt like she had ripped her own skin off of them. She heard the Elite’s startled gasp, then jumped up, and out. She landed in the sand, and started to run, when she looked out to the desert, there was no way either of them would survive on their own. She stopped, and turned around.

The Elite jumped out.

"Take it easy, pal.”

The Elite roared, “You’re coming back with me willingly, or I’ll force you!”

"Eh, I might be small, and unarmed, but I can pack one hell of a punch. I just want to talk, do I look like I’m going to attack?” 177 asked.

The Elite lowered his plasma pistol, “Speak.”

"I scanned the planet while I was in the cockpit, it only rains here about once a year, and in case you’ve never been to a desert, you need as much water in an hour as you’d normally need in a day. They’re other dangers, quick-sand, and native creatures, have I made my point?”

"No,” the Elite growled.

"Point being, we won’t survive two days if we don’t work together,” 177 said.

The Elite hesitated, “Two days?”

"Maybe less,” 177 said.

The Elite seemed to be thinking, “I haven’t been to a world such as this, what do you purpose?”

"We get along for the time being, until the UNSC forces show up, then-.”

"You kill me?!”

"No, we find a way to get you back,” 177 said.

The Elite sighed, “You seem to be truthful, but I can not make the same promise.”

"What do you mean?” 177 asked.

"I was sent to capture you, not kill. The Hierarchs want to know what you heard,” the Elite said.

"Brilliant, I’m assuming they also want to get an easy test subject for the bio weapon,” 177 sighed.

"You must have heard a lot,” the Elite said.

"I did, but I have to know, those Elites that were sent out, are they after 059?” 177 asked.


"The other SPARTAN!” 177 shouted.

"Yes,” the Elite said.

177 took in a deep breath, then walked past him, and climbed into the Phantom. She picked up an odd-looking sack, then started filling it, with what they’d need, including a few plasma grenades.

"What are you doing?” the Elite asked.

"You want to sit here and die, or you want to get out, and live, start gathering whatever you can scavenge.”

"Are you female?” the Elite asked.

177 turned around, “You’re just figuring that out?”

"I suspected so, by your voice,” the Elite said.

177 stopped, “What do I call you?”

The Elite looked up, “Hm?”

"I’m not just going to call you Elite,” 177 said.

"Morak, what do I call you?”

"177,” 177 said.

"That’s a name?” Morak asked.

"Hey, you’re the one with some name from a fantasy novel, we come from two very different worlds. 177 is my SPARTAN number, my real name isn’t important,” 177 said.

"Why?” Morak asked.

"I don’t use my real name,” 177 growled. “They always called us by our number.” She swung the pack onto her shoulders, “The sun is going down, the desert gets cold at night, so we should find shelter in the day, and travel by night.”

"Is there anything else, 177?”

"Yeah, keep up,” 177 whispered, then jumped out, and started running.

"What are you doing?!” Morak called.

177 skidded to a halt, “We’ll gain more ground if we run.”

As much as I hate to admit it, you’re too fast,” Morak said.

177 rolled her eyes, they had told her before the operation that her augmentations would be stronger than the past SPARTANS. “Sorry then, I’ll walk.”

"059, are you saying you lost her?” the intelligence officer asked.

"No, she was captured.”

"Yep, we lost her,” Private Sanders said, “The kid she was with before it happened said she'd seen it.

"Not good, alright then, we need you up here n-what? Are you sure?”

"Sir?” 059 asked.

"Good, no, we need to get there now.”

"Sir?” Sanders asked.

"One moment this SPARTAN and Marine think I'm talking to them, you two, get up here, now. We've received a distress call. 177 escaped, she was about to crash land, and information on a Covenant invasion. Get up here, now.”

"Yes sir, on our way!” 059 said.

059 walked out of the com room, then turned down the hall, with Sanders. Just then there was a red flash on his radar. 059 stopped, then put one hand up to stop Sanders.


059 took his assault rifle off his back.

The red vanished.

"Keep your eyes peeled."

Just then there was a flash of blue.

Sander yelled, “Get it off!” he took his helmet off, then threw it back where it had come from.

The Elite roared, then jumped forward, and tackled Sanders.

"Get off, you ugly bastard!”

059 ripped the Elite off Sanders, and knocked it into wall, then crushed it's skull. Just as 059 turned around, another Elite rammed into his gut, thrusting him into the wall. 059 brought his hands together, an battered the Elite. 059 was thrown back to the ground, when suddenly an Elite grabbed the back of his helmet, and banged his head into the ground several times. 059 brought his arm around, and elbowed the Elite. He jumped up, vision flashing black, his energy shields had gone out, then he tackled another Elite off Sanders, "Private! Get out of here! I've got these bastards!"

"Sir! I can't just-!"

"That's an order, Sanders!" He commanded, being thrown back again. 059 punched another Elite, then kicked back, pushing another away.

Sanders ran, heart racing, if they wanted to kill, they'd be pursuing him. "Why where they there, it's a suicide mission!" Just then he halted, hearing a yell in pain. Sanders stopped. "Oh no." he turned, and started back, but when he got there they were gone, five dead Elites, and a pool of red blood, with dragging marks leading out. "Shoot!"

Drunks... worse than ODSTs. Edit

177 wanted to just get away from the guy. Mordak seemed humble to a fault, but it had been the third time he had gotten into trouble, the first time he hurt himself on a cactus, then he agrivated a carnavor plant, nad now he had decided to drink cactus juice, it was like she was working with a five year old. this was most definently a rookie Elite.

Morak hiccupped, "You knows... I don' think 'umans er so bad. Dey're kinda nice."

177 sighed, "And how would you know?"

"'Cause you're 'eally nices. I din't want to be a 'ovenant soldier, I *hiccup* 'anted to bes a 'olitician."

"Polititions don't have as much fun," 177 said, still focussing on finding a place to shelter before dawn.

"You 'like killin'?" Morak asked.

"Don't ask me that," 177 said.

"I don' like killing. Its nothing butta waste."

"Yeah," 177 whispered.

"We should all be loving peoples."

"Okay, now you're just trying to annoy me."

"Did you know human females are always meaner. I think they're meaner because they like the perston theys are mean to."

"Okay, seriously. STOP it."

"They have nice hair with no helmet."

"Shut up!" 177 scowled, "You are so drunk!"

"Are you mean to me because you like me?"

"That's it! I'm going to go comitt suicide!"

"Ooh-tha bad, don' kills youself."

"I am about to kill this guy," 177 hissed.

"I think everyone should holds hands, that'd be good, we'd all be happy, and friendlies."

"I could kill him, no one would ever have to know."

"Ooh, big rock."

177 turned, and saw a rock formation. "Good job, Morak." She started to walk towards it, when she realized he wasn't walking. 177 sighed, then walked back, grabbed his wrist, and dragged him along, "Not the brightest conduit in the ship, are you?"

177 turned on a purple lantern type object she had found, then set it on the ground, and observed the cave.

"Have you ever wonders why we fight?" Morak asked.

177 slapped her head, she had no idea how much longer she could take his endless chatter. "Have you ever wondered why you can't shut up?!"

"Ooh, mean female."

"You better pray that you being drunk doesn't last much longer, for you sake," 177 said, with hostility. She climbed back out of the cave, then sat at the entrance. "Good thing he's not a mean drunk." 177 propped her feet up on a rock, then leaned back against the side of the entrance. She took her helmet off, and stared at the planet. She glanced back in the cave, seeing Morak lay down. "Idiot." She couldn't help but wonder what he really felt about the war. She knew Elites were brutal, but they had a sense of honor, but she had to think. What if he had wanted to be some sort of politic. What if some of the Elites or any of the Covenant didn't really want to fight? Perhaps their stories were some what the same, they were both forced into fighting. 177 ran her hand through her short brown hair. She blinked, fighting the urge to sleep. Drunk or not, she didn't trust him. Just then she heard a thud, then another, and another. 177 looked up, then glanced to the side, some type of tracks had appeared. 177 out her helmet on, then activated her shields. She walked over to the tracks, and examined them. Not any Covenant, the tracks seemed bird-like. She heard snarling behind her, then reached for her plasma rifle. She jerked around, then stopped. Nothing. "Hm..." 177 suddenly screamed, being pounced on from behind. 177 kicked her leg up, just as some type of beak picked her up by the back of her neck. 177's arm whiped around, and hit the giant eagle-like bird. It dropped her, and sceeched. 177 looked up, it was bigger than a hunter. She gasped then started to back up. "Morak!"

The huge eagle-thing clamped onto her left ankle, and rasied her.

177 shot at the bird, it yanked back, then threw her into the rock, and dropped her.

177 struggled, then fell again.

Morak ran out, carbine up, then fired at the bird.

It clamped it's talons around her waiste the flapped up.

177 slowly unsheathed her combat knife, "Bastard!" Then managed to throw it into the bird's head.

It twirled down, then all 177 remembered after that, was something pulling her out from under the now dead bird.

177 moaned, pain, soreness, throbbing head. She felt someone staring at her, then she faded out again.

Her stomach felt tight, like something was abound it. Blackness again...

"SPARTAN? SPARTAN 177? Can you hear me?" Morak's deep voice asked. Why did he care? She wasn't anything to him. Unless he was still holding onto the hope of bringing her back, of course.

"SPARTAN, wake up!"

No, I want to stay asleep, just a little longer... ---

177 finally opened her eyes. She turned her head on the hard ground, and saw the purple light still there. She smacked her lips twice, tasting the taste of plastic, and metal. She noticed no heads up display, then felt her head; no helmet. She moaned, then sat up. She rubbed the back of her neck, then stopped, feeling the scabs of where the avion's beak had gotten through her suit some how. She felt her front, then noticed a hard gel substance, Covenant version of bio-foam most likely.


177 looked over.

"It's been an entire day," Morak said.

"Yeah, about yesterday, then. Next time I tell you not to touch anything, DON'T DO IT!" 177 shouted.

"I don't remember much of yesterday."

"You were drunk, you drank cactus juice, and got freakin' DRUNK!"

Morak blinked, "Did I do anything inappropriate?"

"Do, no, say, kind of."

"Do I want to know?"

"You said you thought humans were nice, you said I was nice, you said you really wanted to be a Polotic, and that we should be loving people.You asked me if i liked to kill, you said females are meaner, and that they're mean to someone they like, then you said their hair is nice without a helmet. I told you to shut-up, then you asked me if I liked you, because I was being mean. Then you said something about friendlies, and-ooh, I don't want to remember it all, but if that's inapropriate, then I think you crossed way over the line."

Morak blinked, "I didn't mean any of it, I was-uh, drunk did you say?"

"It means-never mind," 177 sighed, "You just had a long 'duh' moment."

"Duh moment?"

177 sighed, then shook her head. She took a puch of liquid, then drank a bit. 177 spat it out, "DAh! What the hell is that?!"

"That, is a pain killer, it's probably what kept you out," Morak said.

She picked up her helmet, then put it on, and listened to the hiss of the air pressurizing. She walked out, then looked at the setting suns, "We'd better move." Just then, she was about to stumble back, but Morak caught her.

177 ripped herself away, "I got it!"

Just RUN! Edit

"No, I'm not going to make any comments about yesterday, but I gotta know, did you really not want to be in the Covenant?" 177 said, ignoring the urge to sleep.

"I never said that, but I did want to be a nevermind-my parents were---pushy, as only a Minor."

"There's one thing we have in common."


"We were both forced into this, and that's all I'll say."

"Why are you so strong, and fast, and smart?"

"Classified, and you know that."


"Don't bother, I know you know that I'm not permitted to say."

"No I-!"

"No, I'm not going to-!"

"I'm sinking!"

177 turned, "Oh shoot!" She dropped everything, then slid to a stop, grabbing his hands just before he went under, "Quick sand!"

"Quick what?"

"Stop struggling!"

Morak stopped.

"Jeez! The least the Covenant can do is train their people right!"

"How do you-?"

"Shut up! I-I'll get you out!" 177 braced herself, then pulled up. She grunted, as every muscle screamed in resistance.

"Something just bit my leg!"

"Probably just a snake of sand thing!"


"Nothing, never mind! Jeez, what do you weigh? 950!?"

Morak growled.

"No, defenently 1090!" 177 yanked him the rest of the way out. 177 stopped, laying on the ground, "Good God!"

Morak sat back up, "Ow, my leg!"

177 groaned, then leaned up, and looked, "Relax, if there was venom it'd be swelling." She took the pack, then ripped part of it off, and wrapped it around his leg, then tied it off. She stood back up, "Can you walk?"

Morak tried to stand, only to fall again. "No."

177 grabbed his hand, then ripped him up, and started to help him walk.

"This is... odd."

"Shut up, and look for another rock, you seemed to be good at that when you were drunk."

"I don't see-"

They both stopped.

"Do you hear that?" 177 asked.

Morak looked back.

"Oh come on," 177 growled, seeing th incoming banshees.

"Go, you saved my life, I'll tell them you disappeared!"

"But what if-!"


177 let go of him, dropped everything, and started to run as fast as she could. She were gaining on her.

"UNSC ship Alfa Nova to SPARTAN-177, are you out there."

"Oh hell yeah! Alfa Nova this is 177, I need immidiate help! I've got a few banshees on my 6!"

"This is Captain Pillar."

177 stopped, the name was... familiar. "Captain Pillar..." Just then the firing sound caught her attention, and she started running again.

"Pelicans inbound to your location."

177 looked into the star-lit sky. She jumped up, then just as the banshees passed over her, she dove feet-first into the sand, and didn't move, hoping it had completely covered her. Don't move, they'll search until the pelican get here.

"SPARTAN, we're tracking you, we se the banshees, but where are you?"

177 punched out of the ground, only to see the bright, blinding blue of plasma fired throwing her back. She gripped her chest, and curled in with pain. She heard bullet's fire, and a banshee explode, then the others retreated. 177 stood up, then turned, a marine jumped off a pelican. 177 stood up.

"You alright?"

177 looked at Private Sanders, "I've been better.

"Lets get you to the ship." 177 got on the pelican, then sat on the outside seat.

"What'd I miss?"

"059 is missing, I think the Covenant got him."

"Damn it!"


"Only the fact that the Covenant need a test subject for a bio weapon, that will kill humans, but leave the planet intact. All they need is a SPARTAN, and they'll finish it!"

"Well, we've called in SPARTAN back up, SPARTANs 093, 117, 044, 087, 058, and a few others."

"They're really calling in all of those? Why?"

"You told us about the invasion, we're going to be prepared.

177 touched the wound from the eagle-bird-thing.

"You hurt?"

"No, I've just had the wierdest two days of my life."

"What do you mean?" Sanders asked.

"Hm, I traveled across a desert with an Elite minor, who was only a burden, he got drunk of cactus juice, and asked me questions that I'm not even going to mension, I was nearly killed by a giant bird, then pulled the idiot out of quick sang, then finally I was chased down by banshees for the tenth time in my life."

Sanders blinked, "You're an odd one."

177 rolled her eyes. "Now, about 059, they probably didn't want to be seen, so what if we could modify the sensors to detect a Covenant Stealth ship?"

"The Covenant aren't stupid, they'll probably be in slipspace for a while-."

"But, if I've read Malcolm's profile right, then he'll be able to at least sabotage something, to slow them down."

"Worth a shot." Sanders shrugged.

177 continued to tweek the scanners, looking for anything that seemed like the right signature for a stealth generator, Captain Charles remained over her shoulder.

"177, have you been to the med bay yet?" Pillar asked.

"No time, sir. I have to find 059 before they can get him to High Charity."

"Are you sure you know what you're looking for?" Captain Charles asked.

"This is a lot easier when you can concentrate, so with all do respect, sir, back off."

Captain Charles remained.

177 growled, just the she saw a flash, "I think I've got something."

"What?" Pillar asked.

"Right here, you see that plasma cloud, that indicates a leak in the plasma manifolds, so what is they're hiding in it? Our sensors aren't able to penetrate the cloud, but I simply ran a few tests, and found just a slight peek of a curve, similar to the front of a Covenant ship."

Pillar nodded, "Worth a look-into, if you think you don't need medical attention."

"I'm fit for duty, sir," 177 lied.

"Take a team, see if you can find 059."

177 stood a attention, then saluted, "Aye sir."

"Captain, you can tak your team as well."

177 stopped. Brilliant!

Captain Charles sighed, "I'll get right on that, Pillar."

Part V: A Rogue's way to Rescue... Edit

"Fire the EMP on my mark," Captain Charles said. "Now!"

177 shot the disrupter out, direct hit, she watched the lights of the ship go off line, "Hoo-rah."

"Jonas! Get us into their launch bay, and shut the back door."

177 stood back up, and looked at the other marines, she sat in the usual space, the end seat.

"177," Captain Charles said. "When we land I want to unleash our secret weapon, the Covenant won't know what hit them."

"What secret weapon, sir?" 177 asked.

"You," Captain Charles said. "The second the doors open, I want you to toss this flare grenade out, then do what I hear you do best."

"Kick ass!" Sanders said.

"Hoo-rah!" a few marines and hell-jumpers shouted.

177 looked back at Charles, then nodded. "Aye sir."

177 waited, she gave the signal, and the door opened. She tossed out the flash-bang, then covered her eyes. She heard it detonate, then jumped out, and started attacking. Before anyone else could get off the pelican she had finished. She looked back to the team, just as some started to stare, "Piece of cake. Now! We need a few to stay behind, and guard the pelican! I'll need at least four men, men that can keep up!"

Sanders stepped forward.

Captain Charles stepped forward, "Who died, and put you in charge?"

"Sir, with all do respect, you might just want to trust this Rogue."

Captain Charles glared, then put his visor down, "Whatever."

177 nodded, then turned as more Covenant poured in, "It's the lesser demon!"

"Oh come on," 177 growled.

"Did they just call you a lesser demon?"

"Long story," 177 told Sanders.

"And we don't have the time!" Charles shouted.

177 ran forward, then threw the butt of her gun into an Elites chest, then kicked another back, and finally shot one in front of her. Her energy shield depletion alarm sounded. "BS!" 177 ripped herself out of the fight, and hid behind a couple of crates, "This is just humiliating." After waiting for it to recharge, she jumped back out, and tackled an Elite about to kill an ODST. She knocked his sword out of his hand, then fired her pistol into his head, she grabbed the energy sword, then started to kill even faster, finally all hostiles were dead.

"Damn," a hell-jumper whispered, "Remind me not to get on that chick's bad side.

177 spun around, and glared.

"Dude, I think you just did."

177 breathed, blood of all Covenant colors spattered her armor. "Lets move, this ship is small, we probably just killed the most of their forces, should be easy flight from here on in." 177 started, then opened the door, the team followed close behind. They hadn't run into anything, it seemed like a ghost ship. Finally they made it to a room with a few energy shield, on line. She looked through them, then finally saw 059, "Sir!" 17 ran over, and was about to diactivate the field, then something knocked her back. 177 grunted, being thrown into a wall, then lifted off her feet.

"Drop her!" Sanders yelled.

177 tried to pry the fingers off her neck, and the Elite finally became visible.

"The Prophets are waiting."

"I don't give a damn! Shoot him guys!"

"Singe him."

177 growled, then yelled, as she brought her foot up, and kicked his head, then flipped him over, and gasped for air. Her shields were depleted.

The Elite bellowed, then pushed her down, and held her fists.

177's arms shook in exhaustion.

Sanders raised his shot gun, and fired.

177 screamed, feeling more than one of the shots hitting her side, "STOP HELPING!" she shrieked, throwing the Elite off, taking her combat knife, and shoved it into his stomach, then ripped it back out. She put her knife back, then stumbled over, and turned the field off. She stepped back, then unable to stand any longer, 177 slunk to her knees.

059 groaned, then stepped out, he looked at the ODSTs and a couple of marines, "What happened?"

"You were captured, sir."

059 looked around, "177?"

"Hear, sir," 177 grunted, trying not to seem so weak, and she stood.

"177, are you hurt?"

"Course not, sir," 177 lied.

"You lie as well as you drive a banshee," Sanders muttered.

"I'm fine!" 177 shouted, then started to walk back out, she ignored what she could, but she could feel her bloos pulsing, and her vision started to flash black.

177 held onto the pelican, still trying not to faint. Not even a thank you.

"That was stupid, 177."

"Thank you, sir," 177 said.

177 took off her helmet, then injected herself with a pain killer, energy booster, and a healing stimulant. She put her helmet back on, then once they got off, Captain Pillar came up. "177, good, you have him, I have someone that wants to speak with you.

Intelligence. Edit

"Ah, good, 177. Please, take a seat." A man with dark hair said.

177 sat at the table, she felt like she was in an interrogation room.

"177, 059, I hope you both realize that anything said in her stays in here."

"Yes sir," 177 mumbled.

"Tell me what you heard when you were on the Covenant ship."

"Yes sir. They talked about an invasion on Red Six, thats why they wanted to take the asteroid mining colony. After speaking about how 059 and I sabotaged everything, their meeting seemed to be over, I was-I-um-I was heard in the vent, and they caught me listening in, meaning they know I know."

The man took in a deep breath, "Right then, we're taking you both to Red Six, we'll land at Lima base, tehn you two can link up with the other SPARTANs."

177 stood, then saluted, and left along with 059.

Duo Reunion Edit

"That was a lot."

"I didn't even tell him everything, but soon after, a Prophet named Truth started talking to the others about a bio weapon, so I stopped to listen in. They're making a toxin that will kill all humans, but leave the planet intact, and disipate within a couple of days, apperently it'll work for all blood types, but they're not going to launch it until it's been tested on a SPARTAN, that's why they went after you," 177 said.

"Why didn't you tell him?"

"Because, the Covenant will already be searching for me, I'm going to give this information to the real Intellegence officers, sir."

"How do you know he wasn't?"

"The way he talked, and body language, I've studied interrogation, in a way I was interrogating him, sir."

"Smart for a rookie," 059 said.

"Do I take that as a complement, sir?"

"Please do," 059 said.

177 sat on a crate, then took her pistol, and started to clean it, "So, any other SPARTANs on board yet, sir?"

"Yes actually, I'm not familiar with his name though, he's coming from Reach," 059 said, taking a sniper rifle, and started to take it apart.

"Good, do you think we'll be able to stop the invasion?"

059 looked up.

"Sir," 177 finished.

"We're SPARTANs, kid, we can do anything."

177 smiled under her helmet.

She finished with the pistol, then traded with 059, he started to take apart the pistol, as she cleaned the sniper rifle, a common trade for SPARTANs to switch guns, it seemed like a board game to them, finding anything the other had left behind.

059 looked up, as well as 177, hearing familiar footsteps, heavy footsteps, "I guess he wanted to dome say hello." 059 turned back to the pistol, just as another SPARTAN walked in.

His green armor wa trimmed with blue, most likely representing his team, he saw 177 and 059 he started towards them.

He seemed to be 177 size.

She gazed at him.

His armor almost seemed polished.

"Hello, 059, sir. I'm Luke-S76, and you are-?"

"Luke?" 177 gasped.


"Boss, it's me, Stiff-I mean Lauren-177."

Luke's helmet tilted down, as though he had started to gape, "Stiff!"

177 jumped down, and shook his hand, she held back the urge to give him a hug, SPARTANs weren't supposed to have emotion.

"Long time."

"Only a year," 177 said.

"You two know each other?" 059 asked.

"We trained together, sir." S76 looke her over, "Well, never could keep your armor clean, Stiff."

"Stiff?" 059 asked.

"We had call signs, I was Boss, she was Stiff."

059 seemed to scoff.

177 hopped back on the crate, then started to clean the sniper rifle again. She started to wonder if all the SPARTAN Rogues would reunite.

Part IV: The Series of unfortunate events. Edit

Pay-back sure is a bitch!Edit

177 sat in the passengers’ seat, while 059 drove. Finally, she had been able to clean the blood off her armor, and it was shiny again.

“I’m proud of your work, 177. Not even I would have done that. Your information should prove useful.”

"Sir, all do respect, it was a bit of an accident,” 177 started, “I didn’t try to get captured, I was put on the transport by mistake, cause I hid in a container, and I nearly got caught again.”

"You still survived, I wouldn’t have suspected that, I had thought we had lost another SPARTAN,” 059 said.

"I’m a coward, sir. I made a temporary alliance with the enemy to save my own hide.”

"Did you tell him anything?” 059 asked.

"Of course not, sir! He didn’t even ask, unless my name counts,” 177 said.

"No, in fact others would have killed. You fought smarter, not harder. It takes more bravery to make an alliance, take a chance than it does to kill,” 059 said.

"What would you have done?” 177 asked.

"I don’t know, rookie, I don’t know.”

177 sighed, then continued to upgrade her systems. “You aren’t still mad about the scarab thing, are you, sir?”

"I was never mad, I just didn’t want another soldier to die for no reason.”

"So, you thought I couldn’t do it?” 177 asked.

"I had my doubts about you. I never had to call in for back up for my first assignment, but I suppose I wasn’t looking at the full picture. I’m sorry for that. I hadn’t given you a chance, I even thought we were all going to die when the bomb exploded, I underestimated you.”

177 chuckled, “So did those prophets.”

Suddenly the front of the warthog flipped up.

"Trip mine!” 059 yelled.

177 crawled out from under the turned-over warthog, “Petty Officer, sir?” she heard a cough, then jumped over the warthog, and helped him out, “The mine was on your side of the warthog, and you okay?”

"Energy shields aren’t coming back online.”

177 picked him up, “I’m getting you out of here, sir. I have a feeling someone put that there for us.”

"I can walk, 177!” 059 scolded.

177 let him to his feet, when he nearly collapsed. “Not on your own.” 177 grabbed his arm, and started walking. “I think they might be back for their stowaway.”

"Nothing’s going to happen, 177.”

"We’re armed with pistols only, sir,” 177 reminded.

"I-,” he started.

"Ghosts,” 177 whispered.

"Phantoms,” 059 added.

"Doomed,” she whispered, then grabbed his pistol, and tossed it away.

"What are you doing?” 059 asked.

The phantom stopped, then let off Morak, and several other Elites.

"Come quietly, SPARTAN 177, and you won’t be harmed,” Morak said, as if they had never met.

177 looked at her commanding officer, “I’m sorry, sir.”

"You can’t do this, 177,” 059 said.

"Look, you have to get the info to UNSC intelligence, it’s all up to you now,” 177 whispered. She turned back to Morak, then glanced behind her, only to see ghosts come up.

"There’s no escape, human,” Morak said.

177 sighed, “If I come quietly, will you let my commanding officer live?”

"Did you tell him anything?” Morak asked.

"Haven’t had the chance to say a word to anyone,” 177 said.

Morak was thinking again.

"He’s severely injured, he’s unarmed, he’s no longer a threat to the Covenant,” 177 said.

Morak stopped, then snapped his fingers.

177 gasped, being ripped away from 059, and then was man-handled closer to the phantom.

Another Elite came up, with a thicker set of electro cuffs. 177 couldn’t help but be infuriated, as they put the restraints on her.

An Elite glared at her, then leaned in closer to her helmet, “Do you know why these are called electro cuffs?”

"Enlighten me,” 177 said in a deadly tone. 177 grunted, feeling electricity shoot through her body. It stopped. 177 trembled uncontrollably.

"Leave her alo-!” 059 sunk to his knees from a blow to the head, then the Elites let him fall.

"Malcolm!” 177 shouted, about to un over, when several Elites grabbed her arms. "No, let go!”

The Elites let go, and 177 tumbled forward, landing on her face.

177 cursed under her breath, then struggled to her knees.

Many of the Elites started to chuckle.

177 looked away from them, suddenly she was shocked again. It felt stronger this time. It left her on the ground, stunned. Her limbs became numb, and her vision blurred. She heard the Covenant’s chuckles.

"That would have knocked out five of their marines,” an Elite said.

177 tried to get up, but her effort proved pointless.

"Stop fooling around, the Hierarchs want her alive, and intact! If you cause her not to be I’ll throw you into the pits myself!” Mordak scolded. “You two, grab her. We need to leave be for more human forces show up.”

177 felt her arm’s being picked up, and they started to drag her. 177 managed to activate a distress beacon in a tiny chip, she dropped it so they could find Malcolm. 177 felt herself going up the gravity lift, then they set her in one of the places where the Elites stood, except an energy shield came up. 177 shuddered, all she could think about was 059, she had gravely failed him, and now he was probably dead because of her, but what could she have don different? Nothing. They would’ve caught her, whatever she had done. There went her hope of being moved to UNSC intelligence. She could only wish that Nikki, Nikki 098B was here, her closest sister from training. Nikki always had a way to get out of something, which was why she was chosen for most undercover missions.

"Hey SPARTAN, not so strong behind an energy shield!” a grunt teased.

177 moved her eyes, but not her head, she glared at the grunts.

"What’s wrong, ashamed to be captured by the glorious Covenant army?” another sneered.

177’s strength was returning with her anger, she dug her fingers into her palms.

"This is the one who coward in a container.”

"Yeah, I heard she had to lay mines to kill a group of Sangheili, couldn’t face them!”

177 screamed, then jerked forward, running into the shield, but still scared the grunts enough. She closed her eyes then relaxed again, only to be interrupted a tap on the energy shield. 177 looked up, “You are a coward, and you know it, you set those mines, and killed nearly everyone, but me.”

177 saw a bullet scar on the side of his neck, “How many times do you have to kill an Elite before it remains dead, huh?” 177 put her feet under her, and stood, "Back off.”

"You believe I’m scared of you?” the Elite growled.

"Let me out, and I’ll give you a reason to!” 177 challenged.

The Elite looked to the cockpit door, it was shut, “No, SPARTAN, I will give you a reason to fear me.” He shut off the energy shield.

177 threw herself into him, then kicked him back, with her hands still behind her back. “Are you going to give me that reason to fear you?”

The Elite bellowed, then jumped up.

177 prepared, after all. ‘All combat’ trained included hands behind her back.

"Lets try ten!” the Elite growled.

"Yeah that’s-!” 177screamed, as the agony went through her body, and she fell unconscious.

"Stop this at once!" Morak ordered.

Shn'tak back away.

"The prophets want her intact, quit your foolish game!"

Shn'tak growled, "I don't take orders from a Minor!"

Morak picked up the SPARTAN, trying not to remember that he owed her, then he put her back with in the energy shield, and activated it once more.

Morak walked into the Hierarch’s sanctuary.

"Minor, were you successful?” Truth asked.

Morak wanted to leave, as a minor he was supposed to think this all a honor, but it didn't feel that way. His brother, Tantark would say otherwise. But he was only consumed by their brother's capture, and assumed death. "Yes, Excellency. I succeeded in capturing the SPARTAN that heard the planning,” Morak said.

"How many did you loose?” Mercy asked.

"None, we took her by surprise.”

"Her?” Regret asked.

"The SPARTAN is female,” Morak informed.


"Petty Officer?”

... "059, are you with me?... Malcolm!”

059 jerked out of unconsciousness, “John, am I glad to see you.” 059 took 117’s hand.

"What happened?” 117 asked.

"I was taking 177 to the base, when we were ambushed. The only reason I’m alive is because I was unarmed. 177 threw my pistol away, and made it look like I was near death.”

"Who is this 177?” 087 asked.

"She was one of the newer SPARTANS, she was put into the field earlier than we were, she’s about fifteen. But, she had important Intel, gathered from the Covenant leaders. I wasn’t given all the details, but the Covenant is planning another invasion on Red Six. They’re planning on using a bio weapon of some sort, she said they had one more test,” 059 said.

"What is it?”

"They need to test the toxin to know whether it’ll work on a SPARTAN,” 059 mumbled.

117 walked over, and picked up a small chip on the ground.

087 sighed, “And now they have their test subject.”

"And I think we have our information,” 117 said, holding up a helmet’s record chip.

177 slowly shook her head. There was a humming sound, and gently vibrating around her wrists. She finally opened her eyes. She wanted to stand, but suddenly realized she was already up. She looked to her side, only to realize her hands were restrained outward. 177 jerked in the restraints. She pulled again, then let go of her tension.

"Resistance is pointless, SPARTAN.”

177 looked up, to see the Prophet of Truth, with honor guards at his sides, then she saw Morak. She didn't speak, but she couldn't stop glaring at the Prophet. She didn't budge.

"Well then, SPARTAN, are you the one who was spying?” Truth asked.

177 didn't speak.

"I will take that as a yes,” Truth said, “Tell me what you heard, SPARTAN.”

177 didn't care what would happen if she didn't answer. They were going to kill her what ever she did. They had found their test subject for the bio weapon. Unless it wouldn't effect her because of her augmentations.

An honor guard grabbed her helmet, and forced her to look at Truth.

"Answer me SPARTAN!”

177 ripped her head away, “Wouldn't you like to know.” 177 tensed, feeling shock go threw her arms, and spread throughout her body, when it stopped her head sagged. She shook it off the best she could, “You might want to consider revising your invasion plan, won't work, if the other SPARTANs that are on their way have anything to say about it.”

"That's better, SPARTAN, how did you get on High Charity?”

177 pretended to chuckle, “You sent that guy after me remember?” Another, stronger shock went through her.

"You know what I meant,” Truth hissed.

"I came in, in a container after trying to escape,” 177 said.

"What do you know about our plans?”

"I know enough.” Another shock for the smart-ass answer. She glared at the prophet, anger, pain, numbness.

"Yes, your rage is building up, oh how you would love to jump out, and kill me."

177 drove her fingers into her palms, her rage made her boil, and all she could do about it was continue glaring in her rage.

Coming together. Edit

S76 roared, then punched a holographic table next to him, "Stupid freakin' idiot!"

"S76, calm down!" 117 ordered.

S76 stopped, "Sorry sir."

"We've taken the liberty of calling a few old friends back."

098 yawned, as she sat down on the pelican's left outside seat.

"I sure am going to miss you, Houdini," Michaels said.

"Yep, I tend to have that effect on people," 098 chuckled.

Michaels laughed, then elbowed her, "You know, you aren't like any other SPARTAN."

"I'm one of a kind, I have a sense of humor, but you have to have a balance." 098 felt the pelican lift off the ship, and start for the UNSC ship Alfa Nova.

Pilot and Speed ran towards the pelican, then jumped on, "Captain Pillar wants us on the Nova, now!"

S76 ran into the docking bay, the pelicans started to land, everyone on the list was coming. He saw his SPARTAN brothers and sisters come off so many of the pelicans. He waved to them, and they came.

"Do we know you?" Fixit asked.

"Yes, Trent, I'm S76," S76 said.

"Boss! Long time no-see!"

"Are we all here?"

"Yeah," Houdini was the first to take her helmet off, and get reaquainted with everyone.

"No," Speed said, "Wait we're missing someone."

"Where's Stiff?" Blaster asked.

"I didn't do it," Matchstick said.

"No, guys, listen to me," S76 said. "Stiff was on a mission, she destroyed a scarab, got captured, escaped, ended up on a big Covenant ship, and heard some things that the Covenant didn't like."

"What are you saying?" Speed asked.

"She's not dead is she?" Doc asked.

"No, Leo, she-she's not, as far as I know."

"As far as you know, or no?"

"She was taken by the Covenant, we don't know where."

Houdini blinked, "Well, that's not a problem, she can just get out of it, like me."

"She heard them talking about a virus that they're going to use to irradicate the human race! They haven't tested it on SPARTANs yet, so they're probably going to use her!"

Everyone stood silent, "We have to go after her."

"Our orders are to infultrate the Covenant ship, when we find it, and get her, apparently she's still of some worth to the UNSC, that is if, we find her alive. I'll need Houdini, Doc, Fixit, Speed, Lucky, Pilot and Matchstick on this. A few SPARTAN IIs are going to be accompanying us."


"117, 058, and 087."

"John-117?" Speed asked.

S76 nodded behind them, as the three SPARTAN IIs walked in.

Houdini nearly gaped, "They're so... tall."

177 continued to struggle in the restraints, whatever they were, they were disigned to hold someone strong, Truth left after having the plessure of watching her scream in agony, and try to break out. Her efforts did seem pointless. 177 stopped to catch her breath, then slunk down in hoplessness. "Damn bastards. I - bet - Hu - dini - could - get - out - of - THIS!" She said in between tugs, before she stopped again.

The door slid open.

177 stopped, and looked.

Morak looked at her.

"I bet you were given a nice promotion," 177 couldn't help, but mutter.

Morak took in a deep breath, "The prophets have decided to test you with the virus."

"Not like I didn't expect that," 177 shrugged.

"I told you I couldn't make the same promise," Morak said, "I'm sorry."

"No, no, it wasn't like we were friends or anything," 177 said.

"You could have killed me, when I was indispossed, but you didn't, and for that I thank you. I am truly sorry for this, Lauren, SPARTAN-177."

177 wondered why he was thanking her as he left, perhaps he knew he still owed her.

Specs tapped his ear piece, hearing a odd click, he looked at the screen. "Maj, what do you make of this?"

Maj blinked up on the holo-table beside him, she had a light blue color, and had a holographic dress that look like something from the 1950s, "Yes, W24?"

"I've been hearing this anomaly in the com. I was looking for any clue to where 177 might be when..." W42 trailed off, seeing spacial coordinates pop onto the screen, "That's not normal." W42 started to track the coordinates, then adjusted the long rage sensors. "Maj, scan that gas giant."

"Oxygen chlorine atmosphere, unable to get through, what are you searching for?" Maj asked.

"Wait! Look at that," W42 said.


"Odd," Maj said, "This style of which the communique is sent indicates that it was sent from a Covenant cruiser."

"Could a human on a Covenant ship had sent this?" W42 asked.

"Most certainly."

W42 threw his helmet on, "Boss, we've gotta move! I've just found coordinates! I think 177 got the chance to send it to us, but it'll take us more than a day to get to them!"

"Is there a problem with not getting there in a day?"

"It said the Covenant are going to test the virus on her in 24 hours."

177 was led down a long hall, the electro cuffs on her wrist again. Her heart beat steadily, but fast, she felt... scared. For the first time it had actually hit her in the helmet. Here she was, walking to her death. Even if the virus had no effect, they'd make a new one, and test it. All she could do was pray something would happen, a black out, anything. It was most likely that no one was coming, she had given all the information to 059, there was no reason to go on a suicide mission after her.

"Lets go people! Lets move it!" S76 ordered. He dashed over to 087, "Ma'am, why are we taking this one?"

"It's a captured Covenant stealth ship, it also runs faster than all of our ships, we're going to be on our own."

"How fast will it get us there, ma'am?" S76 asked.

"Fast enough, focusing on getting there first, S76."

177 opened her eyes, she remembered getting off a phantom, then blackness. I know I didn't faint. Just then she realized she didn't have her helmet, and the side of her neck was in pain. Then she went out again.

A Race Against Time. Edit

S76 tapped his foot, as much as he hated to admit it 177 had been his favorite, his best friend. She'd been the main leader until she had attacked him, that's when everyone started thinking she was too aggressive.

"Relax, Boss, we'll get her back," Lucky said.

Lucky had always been the smallest, and she was lucky to survive the augmentations. She was the sniper of the group.

"I know," S76 sighed. "But will it be before she's dead?"

Lucky elbowed him.

177 felt slightly dizzy, and drowsy, she couldn't focus.

But she could hear the voices.

"The virus barely had effect on the SPARTAN, it's immune system repelled it as it was inhaled, for it to even have a remote effect, you'd have to inject it."

"Inject it then, see what happens, and let me know."

177 breathed steadily, her head was beating. She turned her head, then as the elite injected her she looked at Morak sitting in the shadows, his eyes told her everything, he didn't want this, he was sorry. Spasm went through her back, her lungs felt like they were on fire. She coughed, then felt the lava in her throat, the beating in her head increased. Her stomach felt like it was being squeezed, she felt her head start to go numb, her vision being over come by darkness... "Im sorry..." was what she said before she went into unconsciousness. Not even she knew who she was saying it to.

"How's it going, Pilot?"

"I can land her on the ship, but not in. You'll have to get in there yourself."

"Not a problem, we're going to have Elite accelerators, all we have to worry about is being seen," 087 said.

S76 jumped out, then started behind the SPARTAN IIs, "Come on, kids. We've got a sister to save!"

Lucky moaned, then jumped out, and did the same.

S76 landed in the launch bay, they hid behind a few crates, and slowly proceeded.

"Maj, infultrate the Covenant network, see if you can find out where 177 is," Specs said.

"We need to move, the longer we stay here, the more likely it becomes for them to find us," 117 said. "Lets move."

They walked into a hall, which led to a large room, several decks high.


"Take cover!" 117 ordered.

S76 rolled to his stomach, then fired at his targets.

S45 rolled behind a crate, taking a snipers' position. She aimed for an Elite ultra, and fired.

"I've found her, she's two decks bellow, in some type of chemical lab, uploaded the quickest map into each of you armor's systems," Maj said.

"We aren't going anywhere until we get these guys under control!" Speed shouted.

An Elite stepped in S45's scope, she gasped, then aimed up, and shot him. It's blood spattered her visor, she couldn't see through it. S45 took her helmet off, and continued to fire. They seemed to be endless, forces coming out of every opening. S45 ducked behind the large purple crate, then reloaded.

"Heh! Lucky! Put your damn helmet back on!" S76 shouted.

"No time to clean it!" S45 shouted back.

She saw a pair of hunters enter from the far side, "Hunters!"

S45 aimed for the orange middle while their shields hadn't come up, and fired.

058 took out the other.

"Hoo-rah!" S45 shouted, just then something grabbed her. She accidentally fired up, as she dropped her rifle. She was about to scream, when a hand came over her mouth, gagging her, then pulled her into a darkened area. S45 tried to scream, she kicked, but the Elite was so much bigger than her.

"Stop SPARTAN! I'm here to help."

S45 ripped herself away. "Like hell you are!"

"I am the one who sent the signal."

S45 stopped, "What? Why would-?"

"I owe the SPARTAN my life, and I never wanted this, it's the least I owe her, now get two of you team to follow, I can lead you there, but you'll need a smaller group."

S45 thought a moment.

"They've injected her with the toxin! She'll die if you don't come now!"

S45 stomped her foot, "I'm gonna regret this!" She grabbed her helmet, and wiped what she could off, then put it on, and picked up her rifle. "Boss, Doc, come over here!"

"We're busy!"

"Just do it!" S45 yelled.

She heard them both growl.

They came over, "What is it?"

"I think I've found someone who'll be willing to help."

"Who're are yo-WHOA!" Doc brought up his assault rifle.

"I can show you to 177, follow me," the Elite said, taking a vent off.

"You have got to be kidding me!" S76 said.

"I think he's telling the truth, come on, besides, what if he is, and because we don't follow him, Stiff dies?" S45 asked. "What then?"

Doc scowled, and was the first to go in, "Will it hold?"

"Yes, but you'll have to turn off you shields, now come!" the Elite urged.

"Oh hell," S76 sighed, then followed, Lucky came last.

"You'll have to be quiet here, we'll be passing over a training room," the Elite said, "Not much further."

"We've been crawling through these for fifteen minutes! And I am very clauster-fobic," Doc whispered.

After five more minutes, he punched down, then dropped to the floor, the Elite looked down one end of the hall, then down the other, "It's clear, everyone must be off fighting."

Doc jumped down, then S76, then Lucky. The ship suddenly jolted, "Did you feel that?"

"The ship has gone to hyperspace," The Elite said.

"But Pilot is out there!"

"We need to hurry." He opened the door, two guards looked up. The Elite fired at one, then takled the other.

S76 did the same, and the guards wer dead in seconds.

"Stiff!" Doc shouted, running over.

177's face was red, around her eyes were dark, and she was sweating. Doc took out the needles, then put her helmet back on her, and picked her up, "She won't make it through the vents."

"This way, then."

177 moaned, "Unleash..."

"Stay with me, Lauren!" Doc said, they went down a gravity lift, avoiding anything thye could, when they ended up in a room with a large purple bomb. It looked like a nuclear war head.

"It's the bio-weapon, we made a wrong turn, it only works when it's injected into a SPARTAN."

"Wait, before we leave is there anyway to destroy it?"

"Maybe, but you'd destroy the ship," the Elite said.

"Problem?" S76 asked.

"Never mind, but I don't think the price is worth it, you'd have to over load it."

"How would we do that?"

Endings. Edit

177 opened her eyes, her head had stopped beating,but she knew her life's time was coming to an end, she felt her heart---something was wrong. Her fire-like passion was fading. She looked up, and saw three SPARTANs talking to Morak.

"You'd have to bring your armor's energy shield in contact with the core, I'm unable to do it because my shields are down."

"Would it destroy all of the virus?"


"I'll do it, I can just jump out after that," Lucky said.

"The instant blast from the inside will kill you," Morak warned.

177 stood, she was about to do the most crazy thing she had ever done in her life. She slowly snook around them.

"I'll do it, I'm not going to ask you two to do something I won't," S76 said.

"That won't be nessicary."

Marok stepped back, and turned around.

"Lauren, don't!" S76 shouted.

177 looked at him, "Tell everybody I siad it was an honor. Don't ever give up... Remember the Alamo, Luke, Leo, Alex." 177 turned around, "Remember the Alamo!" then jumped onto the side, and crashed throught the glass, the shocking power tried to throw her back. 177 fought it, then grabbed a hold of the crystal-like core. Though she was screaming in agony, 177, Lauren had never felt greater. A bright light, then only darkness. So this is what it feels like to be... a hero.

"Lauren!" S76 screamed.

The Elite grabbed him, then ripped him back, "She's already gone."

"Let me go!"

The ship started to shake.

"The ships going to blow!"

The Elite pushed S76 into the other two, "Get out of here SPARTANs! 177 just saved you and every other human on that planet! GO!"

"There's nothing we can do, Luke, the least we can do is honor her sacrifice, leave, go, survive to fight another day!" Doc said.

S76 shuttered, "Lets go."

"The escape pods are close to where I found you, get all of you team out of here. I hope I never have to come against you, SPARTANs. Good luck, as you say." Then the Elite left.

Elpilogue: Edit

S76 gazed at the wreckage, "She did it."

The pod was silent.

"Why?" Speed asked, "Why'd it have to be her?"

"She said one specific thing before she jumped in, Remember the Alamo."

"That took place centuries ago, why would she say that?" Houdini asked.

"It wasn't the battle, it was what she meant. James Bowie, William Travis, and David Crockett didn't stop, even though they were so outnumbered, they continued. Humanity is outnumbered, we are outnumbered. The men at the Battle of San Jacinto continued to shout 'Remember the Alamo' because they were never going to give up. When Lauren told us to Remember the Alamo, she was telling us not to give up, no matter what the Covenant throw at us. We aren't going to give up, we're going to keep on keepin' on." S76 stood up, then gazed out of the window again, "If we're going to go, we're not going with out a fight."...



The End of one Legend, is the start of a greater... Never give up, never surrender...

---Lauren SPARTAN-177

And Truth, you haven't seen the last of me...

Remember the Alamo! For we are Rogue! We will never let ourTexas FALL!