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Amelia fired her RAR-144 ICWS into the cult bastard's neck, spewing blood into the faces of his comrades. They pounced upon her, decking her in the jaw. One drew a knife. Amelia rolled backwards and fired in full auto, blowing holes in their cult robes like a knife through butter. She ran back into the foliage, avoiding the viny bush that ate a man earlier. She heard shouts behind her. "Get back here you imperialist bitch !" they shouted. She stopped behind a tree, and peered out. She looked over and saw James, whispered "Fire on targets" then lobbed a grenade. "FIRE IN THE HOLE !" she screamed, watching as a huge fireball engulfed the tree's and cultists in a blast of heat and gore. They ran down to gather any intel they could.

Back above them, cultist Scorpion Tanks were moving through the brush. Roger had crouched behind a piece of what was left of a wall. He released his magazine from the Assault Rifle to check the number of rounds he had left. It wasn't good. Twenty three rounds to fend off a Scorpion. "Can things possibly get any worse?" he thought to himself. Suddenly a misguided shot from a tank blew away a rock that was opposite him. "I thought it only happened if you said it aloud!" Roger yelled accidentally. A moment of silence was granted before hundreds of guns fired at him, only to be blocked by this single slab of wall. Over the sounds of weapons firing came a familiar sound. "Hawks." He thought to himself.

Three Hawks flew around in a circular formation, similar to Sharks about to attack. James looked at them, and hoped his PIONEER training had come in handy. He grabbed his M41 Rocket Launcher, and rushed out. He screamed, "DIE REBEL MORONS!" and shot a HEAT round at one. It hit the cockpit head-on, and down it went, in a spiraling circle, to the ground. Je saw four more blow smoke across, and one flying at a dangerously low altitude. James went in for the kill, running as fast as he could, shrapnel blown into his arms and legs, sweat dripping down his face. James jumped on top of one, being swept off the side, and onto the dirt. He thought, "What was I doing!?", and then slowly fell unconscious.

Chapter ONEEdit