"Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice." -Isaiah 41: 10

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Halo The Anakarii

The only thing to fear is fear itself...


"Jenny, get down!"

Jenny ducked as the shards of glass shot through.

Darrel, her only brother, her only family left, covered her.

"Darrel, I'm scared!"

Darrel was eighteen, and Jenny was only seven.

She covered her ears, the ground shook violently. "Is it a ground quake?!"

"No!" Darrel scooped her up, then started to run. He burst out the door, and into the street.

Jenny covered her eyes as dirt and dust became dangersous projectiles. "Whats happening?!"

"Private! Private, please where do we go?!"

"We're not taking anymore civilians, son! We can't hold anymore!"

"Then just take my sister, sir! Please, she's just a little girl!" Darrel shouted, holding her up.

Jenny uncovered her eyes, revieling her tears.

The marine looked down at her, then took her.

"Darrel!" Jenny screamed.

"Its okay, Jenny! You'll be okay!"

"Darrel no!" Jenny shrieked.

The pelican started to lift off the ground.

There was a flash of light, Jenny was thrown out of the marine's hands, and into something hard. She screamed as loud as her lungs would let her. She was rolling on the floor of the pelican, being stepped on until she felt everything fall away. Light was spinning, there was an unrelenting ringing. She saw everything moving, it was like a dream as she suddenly saw her mother. "Mommy!" she shouted with joy.

"Darling," her mother whispered, holding out a hand.

As much as Jenny strained to see, she could find her mother's face. "Mommy, why can't I see you?!"

"Good bye, sweetie."

"No mommy don't go!"

Jenny felt herself falling for an eternity, when her body suddenly yanked to a stop. "Mommy... Don't go, mommy..."

Ta'Koro looked at the tiny girl in his arm, she had hair the color of the sun, and was perfect, the Anakarak had gotten what they'd come for.

"Don't leave me... mommy..." The girl whispered in her sleep.

He'd been lucky to catch her when he did, or the girl would simply be a pool on the cement. Ta'Koro released the wall he'd clung to after catching the girl. "Hiro, perpare to depart, we have what we came here for."

Part One-Lost in Space-Edit


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