"Hello my fellow Covenant, I would like a few moments of your time. Life… ask anybody how it goes and they’ll tell you, “you only got one so live it to the fullest because there are never any second chances.” My name is Varine ‘Zembenee and I disagree… In this campaign against the humans… there have been some epic stories. Stories of “how I saved this person,” or “how I escaped death,” and of course… “how they died.” I found it odd… nobody ever told stories of life, hope, justice. That’s what made my story unique… I fought for a just cause and I was beaten down… destroyed. I was killed. But as your child in the bed asking you to read another story proves: a good story is always better the second time around… As I talk to you, I and an entire fleet of human ships approach the holy city of High Charity… and today I will finally crush your tyranny and oppression. I will grind your pathetic souls into dust and cast it into hell where you all belong! And Truth… I’m back. And I’m back for you… Prepare yourselves and pray to your gods that mercy will be given to you…"
―Varine 'Zembenee