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"I'm sorry... I-I was only trying to protect you... I was just guarding... you..." -Aya'me to elite shipmaster.


Aya'me yelped, falling to the ground, then looked up at the Alpha.

Don't you dare glare at me, pup! I will chew you to pieces and leave you for lurkers!”

Aya'me shook it off, then stood back up, head down, and turned.

"Don't you dare turn from me, halfblood!”

Aya'me howled, as the Alpha bit onto her ankle.

The Alpha swung her around, then knocked her head into a tree before releasing her. The Alpha stopped, and looked, then just as soon started to laugh, “You halfblood! You may appear to look like a guardian, but you have the delicate blood of a blue!”

Aya'me laid there, waiting for her to leave, the experience had be horrifying with only a single glare, the Alpha lost it... Thinking it a threat, a challenge. Aya'me could never comprehend the logic. She had thought the guardian supposed to be honor. Some honor... The Alpha had finally left, leaving Aya'me to herself. She was barely half a year old, and already hating her life... She kept her eyes shut, pretending to be dead, she just wanted it to end.

A twig broke.

Aya'me kept her eyes shut... hoping... praying.

Something... not fur, something else running over her pelt made her eyes open. She saw a dark creature in the moonlight, amber eyes turned to her, and the last thing she remembered was being so sleepy, and falling into her dreams.


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