While using the IRC there is a feature that lets you use smiley faces or commonly known as "Emoticons." Here is a list of the known emoticons available. NOTE: Emoticons are smiley face pictures that are formed when typing a specific combonation of characters, for an example; :D would create an emoticon picture, something like >.> wouldn't.

Emoticon Label Input Emoticon
Happy :) Happy Emoticon
Unhappy :( Unhappy Emoticon
Tongue :P Tongue-1-
Flat :| Flat Emoticon
Wink ;) Wink Emoticon
Love :* Love Emoticon
Cry :'( Cry Emoticon
Angry >:( Angry Emoticon
Notsure :/ Notsure Emoticon
Hmmm >:/ Hmmm Emoticon
Cool 8) Cool Emoticon
Cheesy :D Cheesy Emoticon
Confused :X Confused Emoticon

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