The Judgment System is a system that runs the Trials for Major Civility rule breakers. Unlike the Halo Fanon wiki, Civility rule breakers aren't banned automatically, or after a mere three warnings. Here the major civility rule breaker is placed on community trial. It consists of 3 Acts.

Act 1

Act 1 consists of the first part of the Judgment, in which the User page of the major civility rule breaker is placed with a {{Civility}} template, which states the the user has disrupted the community by being extremely uncivilized.

Act 2

Act 2 is where the administration conducts a trial for the major civility breaking user. The community will vote whether or not to allow the user to remain on the wiki. If the majority of the community votes in favor of allowing the user to remain, the charges are stored in the RB Log for use in a second trial should one be conducted. If the majority of the community decide to have the user banned, the Guardians will make an official vote to ultimately decided if the user is a threat to the peace.

Act 3 - Judgment

Act 3, or Judgment, is the final act of the Judgment System. It is the point where the uncivil user, who has been voted as a threat to the peace, is banned and their user page is edited with the {{Judgment}} template to signify banishment.


A banned user has a single Re-Trial option available to them. During the Re-Trial, the banned user must repent his/her crimes and make it clear that the rule breaking from them will never return. Once this is done, the administration Only will vote for or against the user.