Feel free to add your gamertag below! Edit

  • Blamm ABS0LU7Z3R0(xbox is ruined, ETA to XBL:TBD
  • EliteMaster117: BloodThorn17 (Xbox back up and running!)
  • Tyrone111: Tyrone111 (Not on much, try to be online on a regular basis)
  • Baracuss: Baracuss1 (I'm usually on every night around 7 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and stay on for about 2 hours. I may be on earlier/longer on the weekends though)
  • Eve: FluffyPenguin (Pretty much never on)
  • Gruntijackal: Atomic Sniperer
  • Another Poetic Spartan:Darth Twinky1 (Add me if you will. If you wanna know me or play against me and kick your ass in Halo 3/COD. Haha. Ciao.)
  • Jordan-: LordInquisitor (Xbawks ded. Mah xbawkz statusy pagey thing.)