The following are different usergroups on Halo Legends. Feel free to join any usergroup that strikes your interest. Keep in mind that you must qualify for a few. You can also create your own usergroup, but you must have a minimum of 5 users who are willing to join it.

  • Requirements: None.
  • Description: This is a usergroup for those who are interested in everything UNSC. People in this group are dedicated to making articles about UNSC characters, vehicles, weapons, and stories all about the UNSC. Here you will be surrounded by others who share your passion for the human kind.

  • Requirements: None.
  • Description: This is for all you alien lovers out there. Members of the Covenant of Halo Legends are all big Covenant fans. Their specialty and passion is making articles about the Covenant. That includes weapons, characters, vehicles, etc.

  • Requirements: None.
  • Description: if you love the flood, you'll love this usergroup. Here users collaborate with each other to talk and write articles related to the flood.

  • Requirements: None.
  • Description: This is for everyone to join. This is a usergroup designed as a council. Here users can voice their opinions and have power in the wiki. It is only here to ensure that our users are satisfied and happy with their writing environment. You can discuss major or just personal problems. The Guardians of Halo Legends care about what you think and we listen to what you have to say in the council in order to improve the wiki to your liking. Just be sure to be reasonable in here, no massive changes that will destroy the wiki.

  • Requirements: Must be an administrator, and have rollback rights. You must also have a clean ban record.
  • Description: This is a usergroup made up of the authorities of Halo Legends. They listen to the council's complaints and make reasonable changes in order to satisfy the council's wishes. They will vote and pass the issues, as we will call them, of the council.

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