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James Ruban
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October 22nd, 2508

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M6D Pistol


Command Chair, Computer counsel


UNSC Atlanta


Standard UNSC Command Neural Implants

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Human-Covenant War




James Ruban was a UNSC Naval Officer during the Human-Covenant War.

Early lifeEdit

James Alexander Ruban was born on the 17th of September, 2512, in the village of Neiche, Coral. His parents were poor farmers and James grew up working hard. In between helping with the farm and making meals for his family, he would go to School, knowing that he might be able to escape this future. Later in his early life, a UNSC recruiter came to his School and expained all about the UNSC and how "the UNSC wants you". When he graduated from High School, he decided to try to get into the UNSC Officer Training School at Luna. When he took the tests, the recruiters saw that James did mediocre in the written portion, but he aced the Physical portion. This was due to James working on his familys farm all his life. He was accepted into the OTS Academy on Luna.

Naval CareerEdit

Officer Training SchoolEdit

Cadet Ruban struggled in his studies, striving for first of the class, but never made it to first. He graduated from the Academy third of his Class, and was particularly adept as Astronavigation and, while good at Engineering, was assigned to the UNSC Falkis, as a Junior Navigator.

Early Days of the Human-Covenant WarEdit

At the time of outbreak of the Human-Covenant War,

Troy and HarmonyEdit