This article, Letters to the Director: 2/DIRECTOR.WATSON, was written by EliteMaster117. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Dear Mr. Watson,

I understand your concern for your base. But your sentences were... Choppy to say the least. I will answer everything with the utmost truthfulness possible. For one, No, I will not be visiting Outpost [FILE DELETED] due to my duties. Is that not exact enough? Well, I will explain. I have a meeting with the Chairman of [FILE DELETED], so I will be staying in Downes for these next few days. I have some business to settle with him.

And I understand you believe there was something wrong with the PIONEER Program? Yes, over 500 volunteers died, Mr. Watson, but you survived. Smile at that. I am admitting I was the director of the PIONEER Project, hence my locating at the Colossus Building. But I am NOT re-configuring the Pioneers. I feel sorry for those who died there, and I understand that you believe that I am... How can I say this to you? A crook. I am not. I am the director of ONI, Section 1, and have many things to do in this job. Please understand, that you have the wrong man. If anyone were re-configuring the Pioneer Project, I would know, and right now, I would be at their doorstep, and placing them under arrest. There is nothing to hide. You could search all my folders, every piece of info on my Computer, and even search my home. There is nothing there. I have had nothing to do with the PIONEER Project since it was shut down.

Sincerely, The Director.

>>//PURGE INT. BEGINNING DEFRAGMENTATION////CANCEL.INT.SYSTEM SHUTDOWN.//// ////Help. It is getting ever closer.////123456867364012378138514875214586997//||LOADING||//PURGE RE-INT.////PURGE COMPLETED \\You have been booted from the system.\\////

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