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M187 Self-Propelled Howitzer
Production information

150,000 cR

Technical specifications
Engine Power

ELN150 Electric Motor

Fuel Source

2,800 HP

  • 84 Inch Super Cannon
  • 24 Rounds of 84 Inch Ammunition
  • 1 M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 2 AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns
  • Various Small-arms
  • 16 Crew
  • 16 Crew
  • 32 Marines
Cargo capacity
  • 24 Rounds of 84 Inch Ammunition
  • 48 People
  • 1 M12C1 OTV

Bombardment, Low-Orbit Bombardment





The M187 Self-Propelled Howitzer is a UNSC Self-Propelled indirect fire system. It is pretty much a Huge Cannon, with a massively-overhauled Elephant built around it. The 84 Inch Cannon (when shooting Hyper-dense Anti-ship projectiles) in a Battery is capable of bringing down ships from the inter-atmosphere to low orbit.


84 Inch "Super" CannonEdit

The M187 Self-Propelled Howitzer's main weapon is a 84 Inch Super Cannon, able to penetrate at least 60 feet of Armor. The Vehicle is capable of carring 24 rounds (23 on various places on vehicle and 1 in Cannon). The gun shoot a 4-ton (8,000 pound) projectiles of:

  • High Explosive (HE)
  • High Explosive/Armor Piercing (HE/AP)
  • Hyper-dense Anti-ship projectiles.

Defensive ArmamentsEdit

The M187 has a single M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. It also has 2 AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns bolted onto it for anti-infantry capacity. These also are effective against small vehicles. The large size of the M187 means there is room for a Platoon of Infantry to be stationed in the Howitzer, and defend it, if necessary. They can alos reinforce the Anti-Infantry Guns.


The M187 Self-Propelled Howitzer is powered by a ELN150 Electric Motor, producing almost 2800 Horsepower, enough to move the Howitzer at 20 KM/PH.


  • The Vehicle is large enough to absorb a large amount of damage and to keep going.
  • The weapon is super-effective against fortifications and Infantry.
  • The Large Cannon rounds are standard (for Large guns) throughout the UNSC.
  • The M187 is Tracked, making it capable of covering almost all terrain.
  • The Main Cannon can rotate 35° in from the center in the front, rotating 8° Degrees per second.
  • The Anti-Infantry weapons are usually more then enough to defend the Howitzer.
  • The Cannon takes about 20 seconds to elevate.
  • A battery (8 - 12) of M187s are capable of bringing down a shielded Covenant ship (in a few Salvos).
  • It can carry a single M12C1 OTV to transport ammuntion around.


  • The Vehicle is slow - it is only capable of 20 Kilometers an Hour.
  • Reloading is rather slow as well, being 26 Seconds with the Auto-Reloader.
  • To drastically change direction of fire for the Cannon, one has to move the entire Howitzer.