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M252 Area-Point Defence Weapon System
M252 Area/Point Defence Weapon System
Production information

Frasier Fleet Industries




Area/Point Defence Weapon System

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

7,500 terajoules


Particle Cannon

Rate of Fire
  • 60 individual cannon blasts per minute
  • 20 simultaneous blasts per minute



Swarm War


The Royal Allegiance


The M252 Area/Point Defence Weapon System, also known as the M252 A/PDWS, was a weapon system used by The Royal Allegiance during the Swarm War.


Introduced in 2670 to replace the older M250 A/PDWS, the M252 was more powerful, smaller, and longer ranged than its predecessor. It benefited from the new DX52 Particle Cannon, which was more compact and powerful than previous models, so much so that it was used in ground vehicles. It was used as a powerful starfighter and small warship defence weapon, with relatively long range.


The system was used for defending points and areas against attack from starfighters, missiles and some small warships. They were used as short, medium and long range defensive weapons, able to destroy all fighters and many smaller warships with a single blast. While more widely mounted on warships, often they were used as ground defensive turrets against air attack, being deployable by HURRICANE Tactical Delivery Pod. However, as their main weapon was the DX52 Particle Cannon, used as an anti-armour weapon on many tanks and armoured vehicles, the M252 was capable of powerful ground destruction with its triple bank of these weapons. While many of even the heaviest armoured vehicles could be destroyed by even one blast, the three guns of the M252 could take down multiple targets and even some low-flying warships. The weapon was often used in conjunction with the smaller M253 Area/Point Defence Weapon System.


The system was set up as three DX52 Particle Cannons mounted on an armoured, lightweight turret. The turret was mounted on a fast-tracking base, enabling fast target acquisition and engagement. The three guns could fire alternately for a higher rate of fire, or in unison for more power. The turret contained the fire control centre, which was used for when the turret was not mounted onto a warship. When it was, the weapon was fired from remotely from inside the warship, and the turret was fully retractable into the ship's hull to protect it when not in use. The turret contained a compact but powerful sensor package, which worked in tandem with the ship's central targeting and sensor systems. The sensors were quite localised, having a range of 200,000km. The weapon could rely on these sensors even if the ship's ones were taken out, which was a rare occurrence. The whole net of sensors provided a full field of detection around the ship, aiding considerably in short range target acquisition. The turret house was protected by several layers of ACE Armour, which was molecularly compressed using various advanced techniques. The weapon's power from a simultaneous blast was 7,500 terajoules, which was relatively localised and effective at taking out targets with precision.

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