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Darfor Antairious

Darfor Antairious, Master Swordsman

"Saimnieks Paukotājs"


The Rank of Master Swordsman is usualy given to a Sangheili warrior who had either mastered the Art of the Energy Sword, had won every Swordsman Challendge they entered into, or had created their own technique and proved it's effectiveness in battle. Usualy such Elites as Ascetics, Zealots, Aristocrats, or Councilors carry this title.

Known Master SwordsmenEdit

Swordsman StudentsEdit

Each Master Swordsman can have two pupils, that will be trained to become a Master Swordsman.

  • Darfor Antairious trained Baracuss Antairious (His Grandson)
  • Keloth 'Decormnee is training Daldrek 'Balramee
  • Shelta 'Endormee trained Rama 'Setum
  • Gotru 'Narzonee trained Jrae 'Sekatee
  • Jrae 'Sekatee is training Tiar 'Amn
  • Rama 'Setum is training his brother Cele 'Setum

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