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Sic Semper Tyrranis !
Ally and Enemy

Ozzy is the pet animal of the Freeman dynasty, although his exact origins are only known by the now dead Draius Freeman. Ozzy is over 2 centuries old, and seems to still be the exact same in all aspects of his health, abilities, and looks.


Ozzy (short for Ozymandias) is from an unknown planet, although it is said Draius found him during his travels. Being a plant like carnivore, it seems as though Ozzy gets all the energy he needs from the sun, through photosynthesis. However, he does eat other foods, well actually almost anything he thinks smells good. When Scarlet was little he tried to eat her, but she punched him in the face. With Draius dead he now lives with her, and she doesn't punch him in the face anymore.


Ozzy seems to be a kind of living plant, a carnivore that can use photosynthesis when it doesn't have food. He is about the size of a mountain lion, with soft leathery skin. He has prehensile thumbs, so he can pick things up, but his nails are like barbs.

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