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The Peace Keeper, is a Sangheili Legend

Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper (Real name Unknown)
Biographical information

Thought to be Sanghelios

Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description



Male (according to Eye-witnesses)


8'9" (So legend states)


Energy Sword, Strange Powers

Eye color


Chronological and political information



The LegendEdit

"During a time of great war and peril, caused by impending shadows, a lone hero will stand and fight for the sake of endding the carnage of battle and war. This Warrior will become the Keeper of all that is Peace. He is the light amungst the shadows. Master of the blade, an Elite of extreame stature and power! May the day come where his blade will slice through the gathering darkness, and once again... bring us into the light!"
Legend of the Peace Keeper

Acording to the Sangheili Priests, the Peace Keeper will arise when all hope for the Sangheili race seems lost. He is said to claim a great and anchient power, and is a Master Swordsman of the Nemirstīgs's Gaisma Sword Art. Usualy the Peace Keeper is seen by truely gifted or intelegent Warriors in a time of great war, after seeing the "Peace Keeper" the warrior gets a great boost of confidence and courage, and (so far) claims a victory!

Armour Design (By popular belief)Edit

  • Combat Harness
  • Primary Color:Gold
  • Secondary Color: Dark Blue
  • Armour Detail: Dark Blue
  • Symbol: Runes
  • Symbol Primary: Gold
  • Symbol Secondary: Dark Blue
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Please note that these sightings are by Sangheili who where amidst great battles, and could have been a Zealot

Elite-Prophet WarEdit

Covenant-Human WarEdit

  • The Battle of Reach
  • Battle for Alpha-Halo
  • 1st Battle of Earth
  • Battle for Delta-Halo
  • The Great Schism
  • Battle for High Charity
  • 2nd Battle of Earth
  • Battle of the Ark

Loylist-Separatist warEdit


Below is a list of all the powers the Peace Keeper is said, and seams to, posess.


  • Instant Transportation/Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Seer

Eye Witness and LegendEdit

  • "Cleansing Light"/Energy Manipulation

Eye WitnessEdit

  • Super Streanth
  • Self Duplication/Instant "Light Clone"
  • Levetation/Ability to fly
  • "Blinding Light"/Flare from Armour

Human Peace Keeper?Edit

A tapestry in the Sanghelios Council Chamber shows two Peace Keepers standing between two great armies. The soldiers on one side resembles the Sangheili Race, while the others look almost Human. The Peace Keeper facing the "Human's" side looks to be an Elite while the other, facing the Sangheili, looks Human. It seams the Two Peace Keepers, are trying to stop the opposite sides from fighting, thus "Keeping the Peace" between the Sangheili and the Humans.

Some say that these two Peace Keepers were the Arbiter and the Master Chief.

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