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Description Edit

The Plasma Assault Rifle (Or PA Rifle) was originally designed during the Covenant-Human War, but it's development was impeded during the Great Schism. After the Death of Truth production began again with the making of this weapon on both the Separatist and Loyalist sides. The Separatist side had the normal Blue color and Plasma, while the Loyalist side had the red color scheme (Much like the Plasma Rifles from Halo 2). The Separatist's Rifles were created first, and where a great asset to the defense of Separatist-Controlled Space having a much better Accuracy level then the normal Plasma Rifle. The PA Rifle is about the size of a Human MA5B Assault Rifle (Making this it's human counterpart) and cannot be Dual-Wielded. Although not able to hold two at once, the PA Rifle is equal to Dual Wielded Plasma Rifles with much better Rate of Fire and Accuracy.

First UsedEdit

  • Separatist Side: Battle of Doisac
  • Loyalist Side: First Battle of Kara Xa

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