It's the year 2699, about one hundred and forty-six years after the human and Covenant War. Brutes continue to start up trouble, life is hard. Humanity has mostly started to explore, but the UNSC forces are still needed as well as the SPARTANs. The SPARTAN IX Rogues are the latest breed of SPARTANs. The UNSC Elite Guard has been established for ten years now. The UNSC Elite Guard is Human and Elite kind working together as allies, as friends, though there tends to still be much tension, humans teach elites, and elites teach humans. Cleopatra-841 is a Special Forces Elite SPARTAN Rogue. After a failed previous mission, the sixteen year-old was stationed on Terra Delta's UNSC Elite guard space training facility. Where she taught both Elites and Humans to be the best they could be. But this settled life was very soon to turn around, when she was put on a team with two elites, one with a troubled past, and another completely immature... Cleo wasn't ready for the tide... She wasn't prepared for the Anomaly...

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