Official Sequel to: The Anomaly Edit


Ultra Commander's Log:
We're stuck in the past, far-in the past, the Human Covenant War. Yantari, my second in command is lost, captured by the Covenant, and dead for all I know. F06 was with us when we crashed on this planet, it's been two months and we're still making repairs, but without any source of power, out chances look slim. We can only pray, if this is ever found, I am Elite SPARTAN Rogue Commando 841...


"You know, they say that no one is truly dead if someone still remembers you, they say we never die. Yes, I think that is as close as you can get to being correct. I had supposedly died, ceased to exist... Until I was found at the bottom, at the bottom of an ocean of hopelessness. As I speak right now, I'm waiting on a ship, waiting for just the right chance, but don't worry, I'm coming for you, Truth. You'll pay for everything you did to me! I'm back and this time I'm not going to fall! I am going to be the one to send you to your maker, so I hope you're going to be prepared for your Weapon, the Weapon to turn on you. Prepare for the Weapon!"
-Lauren SPARTAN-177

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