"They have been gone an entire month, and now it is time to send another team in, the humans have not the slightest idea of what this has done to me, I can only pray that the Admiral will allow me to accompany the next team. This is not a time for our races to be in a quarl, a brute ship had gotten through, a small one, but a brute ship none the less... The anomaly will be closing, and they are sending in four of their stupidest soldiers, Titan SPARTANs, the idiotic, brainless outcasts of the UNSC Elite Guard. They could be called brutes themselves. I'm going in, I started to be kind, but I fear I will be forced to stow away... I will leave safety in the hands of my most trusted colligue, Val'tira, then go... I pray that I will find Yantari and his team... intact... alive..."
---Yan'tariff _ The Arbiter of the Elites

The Weapon II

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