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RA-26 Tactical Combat Blade
Production information

Hall Munitions Inc


Royal Allegiance-26


Combat Knife, tool


96 Silvers

Technical specifications
  • Length:355mm
  • Weight: 520 grams
Damage Per Hit







The Golden Age, Swarm War


Any ranged weapon


The Royal Allegiance


The RA-26 TCB (Royal Allegiance-26 Tactical Combat Blade) was the standard issue combat knife given to all Allegiance military personnel.



Used only as a last resort, when no other weapons were available or all ammunition had run out, the Tactical Combat Blade saw more usage as a field tool rather than a weapon. Notable exceptions to this were when a silent kill was necessary, for example close range assassinations, undercover or behind enemy lines operations or silently taking out a nearby unsuspecting enemy. While its actual defensive use was rather limited, Allegiance soldiers often trusted that, even if they ever ran out of ammo, they would always have their reliable combat knife strapped to their boot.

Technical DetailsEdit

Designed thousands of years prior to the Human-Covenant War, the knife was largely ceremonial in its usage, designed to be more aesthetically appealing that actually useful. As a result it looked ancient and completely pointless, though it was still just as useful as a tool or CQB weapon as the next knife.

The blade itself constructed from titanium carbide, a strong, durable and dense metallic compound. The cutting edges were nano-engineered to have an approximate thickness of 100nanometres, giving an extremely sharp functional edge.

The blade itself was variable in its shape, with one edge being fixed in place and the other being movable. It could be moved to the side away from the other half to give a broader, flatter blade, useful for inflicting wider injuries. It could be slid forward to provide a longer knife, for deeper injuries or a further reach. The two blades could be joined together in their standard configuration, which took up less space and meant a smaller sheath. Finally, the two sides could be joined at the top to make one single spear point.

The handle of the knife was ergonomically designed, giving maximum comfort and so more effective usage. It was constructed of carbon nanofibre coated in a rubber substitute. The hilt contained a glass breaker which could smash through even reinforced glass when enough force was applied.

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