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Production information





Assault Rifle


3000 cR

Technical specifications

Length:102 centimeters

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

35 rounds

Fire Mode

Automatic/Single/4 round burst

Ammunition Type

7.62mm tungsten cored

Rate of Fire

360 rounds per minute




500 meters




The RAR-144 ICWS is a weapon in the service of the UNSC. Primarily used by ground forces and the Marines, its can be utilized in a wide range of environments with little modifications. It has an attachable grenade launcher and scope, allowing more accuracy and damage to be done to soft targets, and the possibility of overwhelming powerful vehicles. It is the weapon of choice of the UNSC Commandos.

It fires a bullet of human caliber type: 7.62mm. It has a tungsten core allowing for excellent armor piercing capabilities. Along with this, it has a 30mm grenade launcher on the bottom of the rifle that can fire HE, Smoke, Flashbang, or fragmentation grenades. This allows for good anti-vehicle/infantry operations. Other attachments are commonly seen such as: a laser pointer/designator, surpressor, underbarrel shotgun.

Carbine VariantEdit

The RAR-144 ICWS also comes in a carbine form which is highly used by the Special Forces.

The Carbine is like any other; It is a shortened weapon that packs the punch of an assault rifle but has the portability of an SMG. This combo allows for easier use in tight spaces, and better portability.

The only thing the carbine sacrifices for it's smaller size is a slight reduction in accuracy. This is because it has a shorter barrel and has less of a spin upon leaving the barrel. As with the normal Assault Rifle, the carbine has a variety of attachments, anything from grenade launchers to scopes.


The Ammunition of the RAR-144 ICWS is of human invention: the 7.62 millimeter. The bullet carries a slightly higher amount of powder to make the bullet fly faster. This is to counteract the extra weight of the tungsten core of the bullet itself. The heavier bullet allows it more stopping power, and a better armor piercing qualities because the bullet doesn't tear apart upon hitting a hard surface. However there is a variant of the bullet that is made for anti-personal operations, which has shredder rounds.

Red Dot SightEdit

The RAR-144 ICWS comes standard with a red dot sight. The RDS displays a small red dot in the middle of the sight and allows the user an easier way to shoot, other than using the iron sights. Along with the regular red dot display, the RDS features a LLVE, or Low Light Vision Enhancer, more commonly known as night vision.


I killed a Calaryth with one of these babies, blew his fracking head off !" Unnamed Marine