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Exploration of Space
This article is related to the Exploration of Space.

Exploration of Space Exploration of Space

Were we wrong? Were we supposed to remain silent? I'm still unsure. But what I am sure of, we were caught off guard.


This RP is the PRELUDE to an RP that has been in the works for months now.

  • I have not yet set a date for the start of this RP.
  • All factions are welcome, but to keep from the disaster of the BFSA at Halo Fanon, I must insist on using the Tier system for each faction. To have your faction in the RP, you must have the factions Tier listed on the actual faction page. Please do not over power your factions.
    • Reminder: Very few factions have reached Tier 1. Please keep in mind that a Tier 1 faction must be used in proper play with other lower factions. We don't want any unnecessary God-Modded-Like-Events even though they are Tier 1.
      • Company factions are considered factions, so if you wish to enter your company, be my guest.
  • The RP date is April 1'st 2700. If anyone has a new faction that was discovered/ broken off from another faction after this date, I will increase the date to accommodate you.
  • This RP will be relatively short. It will end with a cut off scene to help the transition to the next RP.


The date: August 1'st, 2700. As many factions large and small go about their business, a powerful signal was intercepted by the forerunner relay facility Advent Installation. The signal was in the process of interpretation, but at the rate it was going, it would take over two hundred years to fully complete. In order to complete the interpretation in shorter amount of time, the signal was recorded and relayed to several Installations across the galaxy. Factions all over the Milky way had intercepted bits and pieces of the signal and through extremely partial interpretation, had begun to be concerned. To that extent factions of all sizes began sending fleets to the Advent in order to record and research the signal themselves. They were however met with resistance by the facilities guardians who would not allow access to the facility. This caused an uproar from many factions who had planned to research it. In turn many of them started fighting the Guardians. Soon the entire facilities defenses were activated.


Force CompositionEdit

Advent GuardiansEdit

  • Primary Commander: (None)
    • Thousands of Sentinels
    • Hundreds of Enforcers

UNSC PathfindersEdit

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