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Rauer Arms
Organizational information

William Rauer

Led by

Lawrence Rauer

  • Point Break Rifles
  • Laemon Ammunition
  • Everest Optics
  • Administrative buildings:Earth
  • Factories:Mars
Primary role(s)

Arms manufacturing

Major Products
Chronological and political information

Pre/post Human Covenant Era


United Earth Government

"For the serious marksman..."
―One of Rauer Arms' many mottos

Rauer Arms is an arms manufacturing company based on Earth.


It's roots can be traced back to the American civil war, when William Rauer started making high grade rifles for the South's marksmen. After the South was defeated William Rauer moved to New York to live in peace. He used his skills to further create weapons for hunting, and he established a small company and sold high grade guns at reasonable prices. The company was closed down in 1930 due to the Great Depression. The business was restarted in 2010, as a small business composed of a man, Jack Rauer, and his hobby of guns. Within three months his prowess in weapon craft was nationally known and soon his firm expanded exponentially. Within 10 years it became globally recognized as the go-to company for high grade arms.

The company was sold 50 years later due to a significant economic recession, and all of it's factories were retrofitted for Ketchup production. The company failed in less than a year, and soon the Rauer reputation was lost to history.

The Rauer name however, was not to be lost. A new Company, Rauer Arms, was establsihed in 2433 by the billionaire Lawrence Rauer. He transformed his Condom making business into a full fledged arms firm, and soon reestablished the Rauer name as the prime Specialized Weapons maker.