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Spartan Tag




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6' 9" (7' in Armour)

Hair color


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Neural Interface

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Petty Officer First Class

  • Medium Range
  • UNSC-Covenant War

Spartan II


Petty Officer First Class of the UNSC Navy, Soell-119 is a SPARTAN-II Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He is a headstrong SPARTAN who will do what ever it takes to complete the mission.


Childhood and Spartan TrainingEdit

Born August 23'rd 2511, Soell lived with his mother and sister in New Legaspi, Mars. His father was a UNSC Marine who had died in it's service. Soell was a quiet young boy after the death of his father. He was often seen outside running himself through a sort of training course he built himself. Soell trained day and night trying to become a soldier like his father before him. His mother and sister could do nothing but watch in fear as he trained to no end.

They feared he too would fall in battle should he ever go to war. Year by year Soell trained. And year by year he grew stronger and faster. Life however did not go as he planned. He was met by individuals who had taken him and replaced with a flash clone. Though he was partially willing to go, he did not want to leave the only family he had left behind. During training Soell had shown signs of isolation from his group. During the day he contributed to the team as any member should, often progressing faster than the others. But afterwords he kept to himself.

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Battle of JenovaEdit


During this battle so called because of the halcyon cruiser Jenova was boarded by the covenant, Soell who was on board faced wave after wave of covenant boarding parties. He along with the marines were fighting desperately to keep the ship in UNSC hands. It was a losing battle however. Several reports of anti-matter bombs were appearing all over the battle net. Soell raced to each bomb he could find. Deactivating them one by one was a painfully slow process. Time crept by and as he reached one of the final bombs, word that the captain was killed.


The covenant cruisers began showering the ship with plasma fire from their cannons. It was soon clear the covenant were intent on destroying the Jenova. Soell began getting marines to life boats not yet launched. Slowly but surely marines were gathered and sent off the ship. After hearing that almost all of the life boats were launched it was up to Soell to get off as well. After approaching a pod still in it's cradle, Soell was forced to fight a brute chieftain. The chieftain had brought along a gravity hammer which easily took out Soell's shields. Picking up two brute plasma rifles Soell unloaded into the brute who began to show signs of weakness. Soell ran over and repeatedly melee'd the brute to the point of death.

After, Soell entered the pod and ordered it's launch, already having been filled with marines.

The Devotion and TrepidationEdit

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